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Last Thursday with the help of a friend and a carer I got Des to his brothers funeral. The journey there and back needed two people to prevent him from interfering with my driving but at the actual funeral he was OK.He was not as emotional as I feared,I think he had started to get over it. The journey took an hour each way so he was very tired by the time we got home.

His brother had a large family and many friends from church and the golf club so the  chapel was packed which was nice, if you can have a nice funeral.I am sure many relatives we have not seen were shocked to see the change in Des.I have been sending PSPA Christmas cards to all his family,they will now realise what PSP does.

I really hope that is the last funeral he will need to attend of his family,


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It's good you all got there and back safely.  I'm sure those who hadn't seen Des for a while would have been shocked. Folk who haven't seen C for a few weeks are always shocked at the change.  A few weeks ago my nephew and family came to visit us. They had come down to Kent from Stafford for a party arranged for his mum's ( my sister in law) family.  They said the only time they all get together now is for weddings and funerals and as there weren't going to be any weddings in the foreseeable future, they decided to have a big family party just to get together and have fun and laughter without the sorrow that comes with funerals. There were 90 relatives there from tiny tots to 80+ . Perhaps we should all do that occasionally.



My side of family is only small, I am an only child and my mum only has one sister who only had one child, so not many of us, but since we all got together for my dads funeral last june we decided to try and have a get together twice a year without it being an occasion 



Glad to hear that the whole event wasn't too traumatic and you were able to attend the funeral. It is upsetting when people meet you who you haven't seen for some time. My sister visited at the weekend and was taken aback as she hasn't seen Ben for 6 months. I think it really made her appreciate the severity of his condition and the impact it has on daily life. Kate xx


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