How lucky I am

How lucky I am

We have a small Cafe on the north east coast near Filey and although my partner is struggling with his speach, walking and eye sight due to psp I really wanted to go back to work for a few days a week during the season, which is March - October. Just across the road from where we live is a small retirement home, family run and I went over to ask if they did day care and explained my position, to amazement the owner suggested we give it a trial run of four days a week to see how it went, we are now into the third week and Horace loves it, the food is fantastic and as he was born and raised in this village he also knows most of the residents, he has made it his job to look after a little lady who has no sight at all, and everyone says what a gentleman he is, concerned for everyone, the best part as well is that he is only charging me £80 per week the amount of his attendance allowance, long may it last, I do know things will change but it has given us both a new routine and we both have seem to benefit from having a change of company.

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  • Oh, that is lovely! What a happy post!   You gave me a smile to think of all that loving kindness on the part of all concerned.  Good for you!!!   and thanks, ec

  • So nice to read something positive.  It's good for your partner and so great for you to be able to get out and have proper conversations with so many people. 



  • Yes it is and everyone knows Horace from all the Years he has worked there and love to see him when I manage to get him down for coffee and his favourite deep baked custard pie, we are so lucky to have such loving family  and friends that help us out in our difficulties, our grand daughter sits with him two days a week and now with the four days at the retirement home we look forward to our day together on a Thursday, long may this new routine continue.  I must say Horace now seems so much better now that he is with someone 24/7 he was getting frustrated through the winter with just me all the time, he now seems more motivated and looking forward to the next new day, so it is good all round.

  • We moved into this village in 1977 and can't walk a few yards without someone stopping to chat. We always planned on retirement, to move back to the town we first lived in when we married, where our youngest son lives now, but seeing how many here have responded to C's illness, I can't see me ever leaving now. Like Horace, Colin seems much more alive when others talk to him even though he can't respond. What a lovely view you have from your cafe. It must cheer you no end to be there.  I think now you have day care sorted, you will be able to continue working for a long time to come.  I hope so anyway.


  • Bev do u find Colin is more interested in visitors than you ,  

    I suppose they feel they haven't got to make as much effort with us . 

    It can make u feel rather lonely though 

    John use to have weird breathing patterns which no longer happens 

  • cabbagecottage,

    I had to reply. My husband always seems to be more interested in visitors than me. And it is lonely. You are happy he has visitors but feel underappreciated and often have lost track of your own friends and nobody seems to want to come and visit you lol. Am I right?!

  • That photo looks a lovely, lovely place looking out over the sea. 

    How nice to read your post, I am so glad for you


  • We are from Driffield.where is the cafe?

  • Hi Toyota the cafe is at Hunmanby Gap, between Bridlington and Filey, the most beautiful and peaceful place I know, I just love being there I work Friday Saturday and Sunday there would love to meet someone to talk to about our difficulties we are open from 8.30am until 4.30 pm every day just ask for Christine if you can manage to visit

  • Christine, can you cope with a wheelchair? Peter.

  • Yes if you bring the car right down to the cafe, there are about four parking places close by and also we have a disabled toilet, so I am sure there would be someone there to help you if necessary

  • How lovely for you and such a nice view. I'm pleased for you both , so nice to read this.

  • I'd never heard of Filey, so just looked it up.  How beautiful!  Another place to add to the list...

  • It's beautiful the cafe overlooks the Coastline the bay stretches from Flamborough Head to Filey Brig

  • Oh it's so nice to hear some good news.  congratulations to you and yours.  What a lovely place to work love the pic!


  • How lovely. So good to hear of things working out well. We live in London but have a holiday home at Bridlington. Know Filey well. 

    I will call in your cafe next time we are up.

    love, Jean x

  • Don't think anybody who has cause to be on this site can call theirselves lucky! But it does sound like a nice arrangement, it's a shame things like that are not more readily available

    Hope you enjoy your summer at the cafe

  • Thanks Debbieann, I know what you mean, but Horace is such a wonderful person, he is probably in worse health than anyone else who lives permanently in the Retirement Home, but considers he is so lucky as he is Home every evening at 5.00pm to his own bed and his beloved dog, he says he has the best of both worlds at the moment with people 24 hours a day, I am sure he looks on it like going to work which he has done all his life from the age of 14 until last year at the age of 77 so routine suits him and seems to be doing him so much good, no longer just sitting and watching repeat after repeat on the tv, he is getting involved with the other residents and looks forward to the next day, and what is going off.  During the winter his time just dragged but now he seems very much more motivated and interested in everything

  • Hi Christine i can understand why you would say that you are lucky. Yes you like the rest of us on this site have got to deal with psp. 

    But to be able to see that veiw when you go to work is a blessing and i hope you can do many more seasons. And how lucky that you are now able to keep the business in the family is fantastic because it will be something that you may be able to keep going for years to come.

    Please keep on counting your blessings as i do every day. Janexx 

  • Wonderful news--glad to hear when things just all fall into place. 


  • Your arrangement sounds just what the doctor ordered, long may it last. Not surprised that Horace has been given a new lease of life, you must feel very honoured to be able to carry on working and seeing lots of other people. K xx

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