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It is with the sadest heard that I tell you all that my beautiful. Clever, loving father passed away on Friday night. He fought this illness until the very end. The end was peaceful as we had prayed for and he took his last breaths with gentle easy unlike the the previous day's. I know he will be free from PSP now and that is the biggest comfort I take from this. He will be sailing on the ships of heaven now. To you all I wish the very best for you and your loved ones. Make each day count and cherish each other life is so precious xxxxx

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  • I'm so sorry your father has now left you. What a blessing he went peacefully and is now free.

    I pray for Peace during the difficult weeks to come but hope you can soon focus on the wonderful memories you have.

    With my love.


  • Our thoughts are with you. Be very proud of yourself that you had the time together. Very sorry for your loss, I'm sure you dad would be very proud of you. I'm glad it was peaceful for you all. I like to think our dads are looking down on us but they will be in our hearts forever. Thinking of you all xx

  • Sending a big hug and much love, at this awful time for you. May you Dad rest in peace, finally free from this evil disease. Now is time to look after yourself.

    Lots of love


  • i agree h]ol jill]

  • I'm so deeply sorry

    That's made me cry!

    However your dad will be at peace now and free of this evil illness!

    Big hugs to you

    Keep strong


  • I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear Dad, remember the good times you had together and the fact that you did your very best fo him in such awful circumstances. He is free now and no longer suffering and you must look after yourself now....

    Thinking of you and sending you love....Pat xx

  • Sorry to hear that. He is now free and you are free to mourn the man you lost to this disease. My thoughts are with you all.

    Love, Jean x

  • Dear Andrea, I'm so sorry for your loss. I just echo the words in NannaB's post and wish you and your family best wishes in the days ahead. Lots of love, Nanny857 xx

  • My sentiments have already been written so well by others, especially Jean. I pray for peace for you, your Dad has found it already. Fondly, Mary B.

  • Sorry to read your post but please take comfort from knowing your Father's suffering is over. Cherish the many good memories that you obviously have.

  • i agree t

    l jill


  • So sorry to hear about your Dad. It was lovely that you were with him and now he is at peace. My mum passed away last week from PSP and so I understand a little of how you're feeling. Take care xxx

  • So very sorry for the loss of your dear dad, he is resting peacefully now.

    Take care, my thoughts are with you x

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your father's death. It has been such a hard time for you and your family but you can rest assured that you did your very best for him right to the end. Remember the happy times.

    Vicki x

  • So sorry. But so glad it was a peaceful passing. May God comfort you and your family, especially in these coming days.


  • Peace to you too. You have had an horrendous journey, but can console yourself that you looked after him with love and thank God that he is now at peace.

  • I am sorry for your loss and I am glad that it was peaceful end. You and your family took such good care of your daddy, now it's time to take good care of you. let me leave you with these words of encouragement


    Therefore the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away. Isaiah 51:11

    But as it is written, eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him.

    I Corinthians 2:9

  • Thoughts are with you at this difficult time take care xx

  • I'm very sorry for your loss. As others have said, it's wonderful his passing was peaceful and that he's no longer suffering. I'm a carer for my Dad who has PSP. I lost my Mom to cancer when she was 34 many years ago, and one thing that helped me through the years, is to cling to what I know she'd have wanted for me, like to be happy and strong. You're in my prayers.

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