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My dad's seeing the Angels.

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My dad is nearing the end of this life. After 2 years living with us, his deterioration has been relatively quick. His end stage COPD made worse by this terrible disease. I'm so glad that all those that loved him were able to tell him and share how much his love meant to them. He really is one of the Best truly authentic men in the world full of heart, faith and honesty. Has done his best to not judge others and find goodness in all people. He is a Giver. His acts of kindness were never random but deliberate and part of him. Please pray for his Peace.

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What a lovely tribute to your father.

I hope his passing is peaceful, surrounded by his loving family.

Love from Jean xxx

Hello Karre

I hope he has a quiet and dignified passing.

In the end that is all any of us can hope for.

It is a loss to us all when a good person passes.

I wish you and yours peace and strength too.



We all know this time is inevitable but it doesn't make it any easier.

Thinking of you all and praying for peace for your dad.

Sue xx

Dear Karre

I have just read your first post.

Your poor dad has really suffered bless him.

I wish him peace on his final journey. He will find comfort surrounded by your love.x

Hope it’s comfortable and peaceful

Love and hugs to you and your family xxx

Dear Karre,

You are a great daughter and everything you have done for your father will comfort you when he departs and rests on peace. A big hug, Patty

Karre, wishing peace for him, and for you and the family as you surround him...

I love that smile in his picture.


Hi Karre!

Thanks for sharing.

A hug.


My thoughts and prayers go you and all your family. Praying for a peaceful end to your Fathers journey. God Bless you all.




Prayers of peace and comfort to your dad coming your way, and prayers of peace, strength, and wisdom for you and you family.

Even though we have time to prepare for the passing of our loved ones with this terrible disiease, the end still comes too quickly. We are caught in the delima of not wanting them to suffer any more, but we don’t want them to leave us.



Dear Karre,

I will pray for a peaceful passing for your Dad and for peace, relief, acceptance and wonderful memories of your great relationship to sustain you over the year(s) to come.

Hugs to you for the coming heartache time XXX

Anne G.

Karre I pray your dad is pain free, comfortable and peaceful when he decides enough is enough and you are all with him. Praying for you too. Lots of love Nanny857xx

My dad has passed on. He had a half day were he had an energy boost and was able to again say he loved me and the other members of the family. He passed this morning right before daybreak. My heart aches but I know he is in a better place in peace. Thank you for all your kind words. I will stay in touch.

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Tippyleaf in reply to Karre

So sorry for your loss

Sending love and hugs at this painful time



Oh dear Karre,

How very sad for you. Losing your beloved dad is a life event you will never forget.

What a gift that he had the moment of energy to say his goodbyes! Hang on to that, as gratitude for the small blessings that can come in death can help get you through the days to come.

Hugs to you for the sorrowful time, and wishes for peace and relief for you and your family.

We will still be here if/when you need us :-)

XXX Anne G.

I'm so sorry Karre.

I am glad you had the chance to say goodbye to each other.

Your darling dad is no longer suffering .

Love and hugs xx

May peace find him and you. It's a hard thing to watch one of our parents go through something so horrible. I hope the angels come and wrap him in their healing light of love health and peace. Hugs and prayers for you both.

Xoxo Christy

Oh, I do pray for him! I lost my mother 3 months ago from PSP. She went peacefully. No feeding tubes as her directive. May the Lord be with him and you as you go through this stage of life. Sounds like you have a strong family. And blessed is he that you took him into your home to care for him. He reaped what he sowed: Kindness and love. Mother was in her own home. We take care of our own. I could never forsake a family member. Many though have no other option and must use a care facility, and that's a challenge, finding a good one. Again, prayers for all in this community.

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