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I just wrote this reply to another thread on this forum and thought it could help someone else too so I'm posting it for all to see. QUESTION: Why do bad things happen to good people? MY STORY: I read a book many years ago, autobiographical, written by a lady who'd died in the hospital (for minutes) and was brought back to life. She said she met Jesus while she was medically dead and she wrote a book about what he said to her. Time in Heaven is not the same as time on Earth, minutes here can be hours there or vice versa, who knows exactly? She said (paraphrased,) He told her we all CHOOSE OUR CROSSES TO BEAR, OUR DEEPEST SORROWS, BEFORE WE ARE BORN, AS SPIRITS IN HEAVEN. I thought, maybe. The next day, the front of the church bulletin quoted the BIble, saying, we've all been with Him from the beginning of time. Then it clicked for me. IT ALL MADE SENSE!! I love it when life makes good sense you know? Just think of the possibility. As spirits in Heaven, we'd want to come to Earth and SUFFER because that's how we grow. We don't grow much due to good easy times. We grow due to our challenges and sorrows. AND IT IS THE ONLY ANSWER I'VE EVER EVER EVER HEARD THAT SUFFICENTLY EXPLAINS WHY BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE!! I don't fully believe it's true but I don't believe it's not true. I've kept my ears and eyes open since the time I read that book, for ANYthing in the Bible to disprove the theory and I haven't ever seen even ONE thing, ever. I'm leaning towards believing it. I even think that maybe just maybe, God knew how much it killed my soul when my Mama died at age 34, I was 16, and He allowed me this answer, made an exception for me, as a special gift. Also, when I told this to my best friend, she said, "WAIT if I'm the one who picked these troubles I want to change my mind! I'm ready to trade the problems in for anything else!" She was funny haha! And on that funny note, I'll leave you, hopefully with some food for thought, because ya just never know! :) Be blessed

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  • Sorry if there is a god I'd have liked him to have given me a happy life I don't want to 'grow' through this challenge I want my life back how it used to be, but that's never going to happen

  • Me too, I'd like my happy life and my Dad's happy life back. What I was trying to say is maybe it's not God who allows this to happen. Maybe there's a destiny and it can't be changed. Being angry at God hasn't ever helped me so this is my only way I can look at it all and NOT be angry, but it's not JUST that, it also makes sense to me. And I'm sorry the theory doesn't work for you or possibly anyone else here, but I didn't know and shared it just in case.

  • you are very right....I,ve witnessed these probabilities,Madeline could have been with anyone she choose BUT would they have taken her through 11 years ,at home ,with PSP ...I do think that things are in fact pre-arranged,Rollie

  • To add to the above ,when you are waste deep in crap and alligators it,s hard to remember that your task was to clean the swamp !!!

  • Go to u tube,the streets of London by ralph mctell item 7.1,(2nd or 3rd down) as a caregiver prevented that situation,I salute you,!!! Rollie

  • I too want the old me back so I can treat my second grandchild as I did my first. I retired , found a lovely bungalow complete with ideal size bgarden and had my cataracts Removed from then on in it has been an uphill Struggle. There's no need to ask why me, why not me "? I have my God on my side and He is with me In all I go through.mmI know,or think I know,through following posts on this site what lies ahead and will-meet it head on. I'm wanting and waiting to be in own home again after nearly four months in hospital and then nursing home . My blood pressure drops as I strand up to the extent that I black out and they cannot find the reason.

    Have any of you got any things to say on this ?

  • Myjual7, Look up MSA on line. It is often mistaken by doctors for PSP. We are going to a specialist on PSP, and the doctor stated that that is a huge sign that someone has MSA and not PSP. He has made an appointment for my husband to see a MSA specialist, also.

    I was very angry at God when my husband first got sick. I lost a friend/neighbor because I would discuss my feelings of anger. She thought that I was mistreating my poor husband, and that is just not true. I should have gone to a physicist. I still do not attend church, but have considered getting back into a small woman's SS group. I just do not have the patients to deal with a lot of drama in my life right now. I could not leave my husband for more than an hour anyway. I set up baby monitors in the house, and I can see, hear, and talk to him through my cell while I am away. I have not broke down and gotten a sitter yet. It is just me taking care of him.

    I also put a wireless door bell on his bed and in the bathroom. That way he can ring if he needs me or he is ready to get off the pot. Good luck, Deb

  • It sounds like you've implemented many aids to help you and your husband through this time of his illness. I've never heard of MSA, will have to google it. And it's a shame your friend wasn't more helpful and empathetic, instead of what sounds like, judgemental. If only that friend could walk a mile in YOUR shoes right! And please, start thinking about finding some help, just in case the time comes your husband can't be left alone. I don't know about msa but psp can cause a lack of impulse control which my dad had due to his psp but as his energy level has declined so did that lack. During the time he lacked impulse control though he'd try to suddenly stand on his own, but he was past the point of being able to safely do that, and he'd fall if not closely supervised. After that period he can't be left alone just because he's unable to do anything for himself and has become incontinent. It takes a small army of us to keep him safe, one caretaker at a time, but Lord forbid he fall because he's no longer much help at getting himself back up off the floor and I sure can't lift him. I'm sorry for your struggles and will pray for you.

  • I feel for you, even though I can only imagine how it feels to be stuck in the hospital and nursing home for months! I'll pray for you to get back home soon and to feel good and be able to do what you want to do... like, enjoy your garden and your much-improved eyesight! When I had breast cancer a few years ago, in my 40's. I said the same thing. Instead of "why me," I said "why NOT me". And myjual7, I'm a novice at PSP but one thing I've read many times is the symptoms differ from one person to the next. Learning about it is so hard because it's so completely devastating. I have to take it in small doses. But really... you may not get so many of the symptoms you've read about. Daddy's had psp for several years, it's gotten worse but there are still many symptoms he doesn't have and I hope he never does, I have faith and hope that he won't. Also, the next reply in this thread is incredible in that you might not have psp at all although I don't even know what MSA is at all. I'm thinking it can't be worse than psp though. PLease let us know how you're doing!!!!!

  • Next time Jehovah's Witnesses call at your door, ask them to show you from the bible why bad things happen to good people. They will happily show you from the bible that God does care and he is soon to do something about it. Or if you would rather look at and look under bible questions answered

  • to clarify the point of the streets of London,not that your loved one would be on the street BUT in an uncaring home without any ability to communicate ,I just visited such an occasion where the husband placed his spouse in a respite home for 2 weeks to get time for himself ,that was one year ago ,she is still there and the head nurse has absolutely no knowledge of PSP ,as she cannot communicate therefore my thoughts around the streets of London...on this site we speak with the believers regarding care...there must be many that are not able cope,a challenge we face every day,Rollie

  • Ohh that poor woman who was dropped off at the nursing home for "a week," but where I live, in the US, nice sprawling suburb near everything the nearby city has to offer, I hear more and more about elderly who are in need of care 'round the clock, and are living at home ALONE. The "lucky" ones have a relative who checks on them now and then, or on weekends. The elderly lady NEXT DOOR has to write down everything every day when she wakes up or she won't be able to remember hardly anything as the day goes on. Also, (not applicable to anyone here,) but I've found that to be admitted to a nursing home through medicare, one has to be completely penniless and any possessions to be given away to family have to be given 2 years prior to needing a nursing home. So! It seems that many people don't have time or resources to take proper care of their aging parents but they won't seek out a nursing home because then they'd lose their inheritance. That's horrible, just so unfair, and the aging parent goes along with it because of course, most don't want to live in a nursing home, but there comes a point that those suffering need certain kinds of care and they just aren't receiving it. It's very sad. In my opinion, this country, which I love, has very little concern for our elders and the majority of our citizens would prefer to look the other way. Out of sight out of mind. Anyway, I'm ranting haha, thanks for reading.

  • Gonnamiss daddy ,.in our American or ,Canadian countries glitz and glamour have pretty much replaced common sense but the young should realise that they also one day real soon will face the wall....this is a journey not a destination ! regards Rollie

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