Makes grunting sound while eating

Anyone seen this? I remember when my dear daughter was a baby, when drinking her bottle, she'd make a happy little breathing sound. Daddy's sound is a cross between sounding like that and a sort of grunting. (hard to describe) He's kind of loud and does it at every meal, for the last couple months. I know it's psp but I've never seen it mentioned, albeit that may be because I have limits on how much I can learn about psp before the tears start and that's when I stop reading and don't get back to it for usually, weeks. I apologize for not participating more but please know I do care about and pray for anyone else who is like us, dealing with this devastating nightmare.

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  • my wife tell me that grunt and make noises when i eat . II do not know that I am doing it but apparently it dives her crazy. I think that a I am luckier tan most if the people here by having an atypical mild form off this disease. but i found that i am falling a little bit more often than before. I think that the noises I make is due the fact that when I eat it interferes somehow with my breathing and I have to make a conscious effort to breath normally, perhaps yo could mention this to your farther.

    good luck.

  • sorry for a few typos but I can't seem to edit it

  • I think we've all gotten used to reading through typos in this day and age! Don't worry about them. Keep on posting my friend!! :) Truly, ~Sheila

  • Thanks Steph02! You look too young for this disease, but thankfully it's atypically mild. I bet your dear wife will get used to your eating sounds. It did take me a little time to get used to it. Hey, you're both in my prayers. PLEASE try to be careful about falling. I read on here last night, someone said a physical therapist taught the psp sufferer that when you start to fall, just immediately DROP to the floor, don't try to fight it just DROP, your fall won't be as hard. Daddy is confined to wheelchair and bed and lifting recliner, but before then, his falls were terrible. Every time, afterwards, after he was asleep or I was alone, every time, I cried. It can be such a hard crashing fall so just be careful and use help/aids even before you're sure you need them. Better safe than sorry and in pain! Right? Take care.

  • Brian snorts and snuffles while eating and yes it is all to do with the breathing due to mucus build up and the lack of being able to breath and eat at the same time.

    I have learnt to live with it. As much as it can drive people mad it must be worse for the person who is trying to eat and is unable to breathe properly. Janexx

  • Yes B used to grunt while he ate ...grunting transitioned in to when he tries to speak the first word is usually drowned out by a backup supply of saliva he has not swallowed...try to talk wilth a small mouth full of water and you'll know what I mean.....then he just reverts back to his highly slurred speech.

    So like everyone else has said its due to the breathing.

  • Thanks y'all. It all makes perfect sense now. And I'm pretty used to it too. He also has a LOT of snot when he eats, to where he has to stop eating to blow his nose several times during dinner, every time. I bet this too is about the breathing/mucus issues.

  • Yes my hubby can make this grunting noise when he is eating, he doesn't hear it but I have found that if he cuts down the portion of food he is putting in his mouth, sometimes it means more nibbling a sandwich but it cuts it out and has also very much limited any choking. He too has been falling more regularly and had the ambulance out yesterday early morning as I could not get where I could help him

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