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Despite getting a letter saying our appeal would be reviewed in 20 working days ( we are now up to 40 ) the CHC panel has no obligation to tell you anything for three months . I went on the Govt website which deals with procedures and tucked away on page 3900 (exaggerating but not much ) is the information that says just that . The other odd thing is that each National Health trust has their own rules of procedure as to who will be consulted by whom and when . We could be waiting until April before we get a reply one way or another and then there does not seem to be a time scale if one wants to appeal to the independent panel if the decision has gone against us . So all in all it could take nearly a year since our first assessment went in . If one wins it is back dated but if one loses one has to start the whole process over again from scratch . Whoever dreamt up this process has a very devious mind !

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  • Why doesn't that surprise me?!

    All these rules and regulations and procedures get right up my nose!!

    My dad was put on the wheelchair list in July 2015, in the meantime we bought one (as my dad is now a wheelchair user) and we were told there is a 9 month waiting list!

    I have chased it up only to be told the whole procedure has to start again?!!! What are these morons playing at?!

  • I'm speechless !! It leaves us so impotent, doesn't it ?

    So sorry;

    Love, Jean x

  • Wow ...You say you don't live in the US? We too have the same 'inefficiencies' here.

    I went to an office the other day ; waited an hour for my name to be called after which I handed the lady my form upon which she told me she did not like that form and would I please come back with this new and completed form. I sat back down transferred the same information to the other form (it was the exact same form only the heading was a different color) waited another half an hour.

    My name called, I handed her the information where she found a discrepancy. She handed me a blank copy of the one I have now filled out twice and sent me home. I came back the next day to see that they were not open on Fridays (that was my bad)...but seriously what Gov't agency is not open on weekdays? Monday came along I was sick Tuesday came along and I drove the 20 miles to her office and I sat waiting. she finally called. We sat down to an amiable conversation; and about 7 minutes later, without even looking at the form, she told me that I should come back in a month since the former discrepancies will "be in the way".....Well I had enough and as amicably as I could I asked her to look at this form and asked "do you think that you would accept this application for the monthly stipend ?" to which she replied, "oh my this is just a one time event. but yes it does look like you would qualify for the $90.00....!" what? one time ? the information says it would help with time does not constitute helping .....especially if it's only 90 bucks.........Do I fill out this form every month?" "No it's just a one time offer for one month only"

    I only thought these words.....And you mean to tell me that you could have looked at the FIRST FORM last Thursday and told me the exact same information you JUST told me today.....? Is there a form to fill out for this? Could maybe the information you share about this one time only for one month only , relay the fact that this is a one time stipend and does not help on a monthly basis? I smiled and thanked her and left. I walked back to my car utterly crushed and drove the 20 miles back to my house turned the heat down to 65.......thank God it's been a warm winter....we be breaking up all that furniture B broke in the first place....So it doesn't get any better in other countries...

    Hope you're staying warm


  • Very tempted to stuff her form where the sun don't shine !!!!

  • Oh George so sorry you are being treated this way, it is so unfair, they are dealing with terminally ill people here, people that are stressed dealing with the person they are looking after and saving the government millions, and still they are being £&&&&& . Maybe they should go along and stay with the careers and see for themselves what we all go through day after day, it does not get ant easier as time goes by, it is bloody hard work, none of us are getting any younger. Sending you a big hug George xxxx

  • It's two years since we started arranging the assessment.. Still waiting results ..

  • Oh George, I had hoped the recent dealings, meant you were about to get CHC funding. How can things be sooooo different, in each area? It's not as if we are 1000's of miles apart. I suppose, we gained, because, PSP has been recognised in North Somerset! Not by our doctor, I hence to add!!! I wouldn't hold your breathe about back dating. Even in our very easy application, it was back dated to the date they gave the Okay, plus the "few" days it took to get around!!! (pigeon post comes to mind!) ( one month from date of approval!)

    Let me know if I can help with any of my details, how we managed to get CHC!

    With you every step of the way!!!

    Lots of love


  • Good luck. Sad to say you will certainly need it.

  • I don`t want to depress you even more, but we are in our 16th month since first applying for CHC and still no nearer hearing the result of our appeal (first lodged last September after we were refused in late July). I chase it every week (at least !) but keep being fobbed off - now being told they will `try` to look at it next week.

    It is too long a saga to repeat here, but keep persevering - I know I will to the bitter end. I am certain they think that we are too worn down to keep fighting for what we need for our loved ones, but they are wrong !! Good luck.


  • Oh boy something to look forward to.Have you tried quoting the governments own regulations which they are obliged to follow . There is also an ombudsman you can complain to about the handling of your case .Let me know if you want any details and I will send them on to you .

  • Thanks Georgepa, any extra knowledge will be useful. I actually rang the Parliamentary & Health Ombudsman this week but they gave me another number to ring. I kept being passed from one agency to the next until I arrived at the local CCG who were the ones who promised to try for next week.

    I suggested to the nurse co-ordinator that I was referred to in September that the local CHC panel were not following national guidelines, only to be told in no uncertain terms that they most definitely were ! She then went on `long term sick leave` so the new nurse `had to read our notes and update herself with the case`. We had a meeting with her in early December and our current state is ongoing since then.

    I can`t begin to tell you how frustrated and stressed I feel with it all.

  • If you Google CHC appeal process time scale and go to Guidance-Gov it lays it out very clearly what the time scales are etc and what your local trusts should be doing .

  • Thank you Georgepa, I`ll have a look.


  • The devious minded individuals will be a civil servants marching inexorably towards their pension by doing whatever is required of them by their seniors, who themselves are doing whatever is required of them by their political masters, who earn ‘Brownie points” by cutting their department’s budget. Kicking things into the long grass is a way of appearing to be doing something whilst doing absolutely sweet Fanny Adams that is helpful. The sitcom “Yes Minister” portrays it wonderfully well.

    I’m told that within the civil service Friday is known as ‘Poets’ day, short for “Piss of early tomorrows Saturday”. It’s comforting to know they aren’t too stressed while you’re doing 24/7 as a carer.

    I apologise to the many hard working civil servants who I have just ‘tarred with the same brush’ as their senior colleagues but many of the systems they are content to administer are an inefficient disgrace.

    Rant over, I hope your endeavours are ultimately rewarded with some assistance, be it financial or physical, best wishes, Jerry.

  • Why was I not surprised to see your name at the bottom of this rant!!!!

    Here! Here! By the way!!!

    See you next week, if you are coming to the meeting.

    Lots of love


  • Hi Heady I'll be there, take care, J.

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