CHC the saga continues

When my daughter and I attended the appeal panel we were told that we would have a decision between 3 and 6 weeks . Well ,we are now into the 7th week and nothing , so I telephoned the person who is dealing with it , got an answer machine ,left a message asking her to call and got no response - did the same the next day and ditto . So I called another number ,different department who gave me an e-mail address . This produced a response which was offering sincere apologies for the delay but explaining that the minutes of the panel meeting have to be ratified by ALL the panel members and then those minutes and the decision will be posted out to me . I replied that I couldn't understand the delay since there were only two panel members and they are both based in Plymouth where her office is . I have not had a response !

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  • Oh George, I am so sorry, sounds if they are all passing the buck. Better put your boxing gloves on, I think you are in for a serious fight again!!!

    Lots of love


  • It is just like banging your head into a brick wall !!

    I'll scream for you . AAAAAHHHHHH

    love, Jean x

  • Banging your head against a brickwall is marginally more rewarding .! :-)

  • You're right . A blancmange is the worst of all !


  • ouch.

  • Unbelievable! Or perhaps not. Have you ever got your MP involved?

    I hope you have positive news soon.


  • Let's see, If we calculate ONLY the minutes within the agreed time that they failed to get back with you...that would be 7th week... we would get 60 minutes in an hour x 24 hours in a day x7 days in a week divided by two people in a panel...this'll take me a sec...I'll get back with you between 1 minute and 3 days ....

  • Recalculating for a regular two day weekend excluding any holidays within that 7th week.

  • Ok, now I am no mathematician but I think that time wasted will be rather apparent.

    so as the panel has wasted one full week and they talk to you in minutes lets just see how many minutes they have wasted: Again 60 minutes in an hour =1440 minutes/day

    X 5 days in one business week = 7,200 minutes in a week...divided by 2 people in a panel comes up to 3,600 minutes that they have yet to talk with you . These particular minutes in your particular case have been null and void of information and thus no decisions have been made and or executed which is what you, I'm sure would like to do them...

    Now remember ,this calculation does not include the 6 weeks you had to wait for them to look at 1 to 3 pages of summarized paper work that gave them the information that would help them decide how to help your wife. Including THOSE minutes would add up to 216,000 minutes. That's about a months worth of minutes minus weekends.

    Now using only the 7 th week ; if we tacked on monies to those minutes, Let's say minimum wage in the US is $10.00/hour or 10.00/60 that would come up to .16 cents a minute now x that by 7,200 min in a week thats I'm guessing brings my calculation to $1500 ? that's alot for one week.....

    I'm sorry sir, the numbers were miscalculated as they reflected a full 24 hour day and not an 8 hour work day minus lunch breaks. We realize that your daily waiting may be a smidge longer than our daily working...but rest assured that the panel will get back with you. Wait time 2 weeks!

    Sincerely the your friendly government agency

  • I love it - brilliant .

  • I'll bill you ! ;)

  • I have used your fomula to work out we I owe you. I

    make it 831$ and 23 cents .Is that right ?- I was never very good at maths .

  • Is that in American dollars?

  • Disgraceful Georgepa!!

    Time to kick off!! Get your GP and DN involved!!

    If you have a hospice involved the. Invole them too!!

    This simply isn't acceptable, why does everyone make a crap situation harder?!

    Go mad, it's the only way forward I'm afraid!! X

  • Have kicked off - hospice , doctor ,community matron, psychiatrist have all put in their contributions supporting us .Its like fighting a blancmange .

  • My goodness that is disgraceful

    Keep fighting though, don't let them get you down!


  • Oh Georgepa I can't believe this! It's appalling however you look at it. Is this standard for Devon do you think or are you just unlucky?

    Sending every good wish to you both for a favourable conclusion VERY SOON.

    Vicki 😝🐌

  • Thanks Vikki

  • Oh Georgepa, I think somebody has put the minutes in a drawer and forgot all about them. I mean, how long does it take to read, discuss and take a decision between 2 people. They are trying to cover their errors. I hope you get a favourable decision soon. Much love, Nanny857 x

  • 'Errors'? First time I've seen 'arses' spelt that way!!

  • ha!

  • Love it Jerry!!!

    Lots of love


  • We had a nightmare situation with CHC recently and I eventually put in a complaint to the PALS team. On every point they found in our favour and apologised and wrote and told us how new procedures were being put into place following on from this - whilst it is of no help to you now, I have found that since I put in the complaint they obviously have me marked on their system !!! And now whenever we call we get action straight away (Warwickshire).

  • Hi Georgepa. I am waiting my letter also. Been told verbally that we have the chc funding (after one hell of a fight) but I wont believe it till I get the letter. Now into the fourth week. I do believe though that if no reply is received then after 4 weeks you can claim back any costs of nursing home care as 4 weeks is classed as the maximum you have to wait. I have decided that I am not paying till I receive my letter anyway as its always easier to pay late invoices rather than claim something back! Hope you receive your letter soon. Pauline x

  • Jobsworths, this is a disgrace, hope they pay interest when you get you back pay. I'd be very tempted to get a group of family and friends march up to County Hall with a banner and invite the press, seems like nothing but bad press will get their a--------ses out of gear. Excuse the language but their are worse things they could and should be called. As NannaB suggested, why not contact your local MP. Ranting over, I hope you get the fair decision you deserve.

    Love Kate xx

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