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Travelling with CHC funding

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My husband has recently been awarded CHC funding. He is originally from

Malaysia and is desperate for one last trip to see Family - 5 of his siblings live there. I have been in discussion with his Family t who will provide 24 hour nursing care, hire a hospital bed and fly him there back on a business class flight for extra space and comfort . I would accompany him there and a brother and Sis in law fly back with him.

GP has agreed to write a fitness to travel letter unless he gets an aspirational pneumonia etc before planned travel. Insurance is possible

BUT will this jeopardise CHC funding. I want to support my husband’s wishes for one last trip to his homeland . But if we loose the funding it will be a huge loss.

Has anyone experience of similar scenario??

Love to all Tippy

7 Replies
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Sorry Tippy, we are not quite ready for applying for CHC funding yet so I know little of the rules. However, I just had to say how moved I was by reading this post and to say what a wonderful thing you and your family are trying to do for your husband in achieving his final wish to see his home land one more time. I do so hope you can make this happen and that it will not affect your CHC, which is so important to keep. Granting him this one wish will bring such comfort to him and without doubt will bring you much peace and comfort as time goes on. Very, very best wishes. HilsandR

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Honey I’m not sure, I doubt it would affect it, but I’d bet my last pound on Kevin having the answer! I do think you should however do absolutely everything whilst you both can!! X

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Hi Tippy

It's a long flight.

I would discuss it with the CCG... They will find out anyway.

It might be that they will put the other 'bills' on hold and pay a nurse to accompany him?

Stranger things happen. They've agreed to meet his clinical needs, nothing about keeping him tied to a place.

Tip... as the nurse will have to do two return flights there is nothing to say that an accompanying nurse has to come from this country... You might like to cost a Malaysian Nurse?

The reason I say accompanying nurse is that might regard that as essential given his clinical needs.... They may not.

Sorry this post is written back to front...

Good luck

Wonderful thing to do.



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Sounds wonderful. I hope it happens. It means so much to you both. Good luck, Jean xx

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Many thanks. I do not want to ask the CCG for anything my biggest anxiety is loosing the existing funding if he is seen to be ‘well enough’ to go on holiday. I must explore the cultural needs route!!

Recognise it is a huge risk but sometimes we need to take those risks!!

Love Tippy

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Kevin_1 in reply to Tippyleaf

Hi Tippy

Yes, my phobia re. CHC is generally keep as quiet as possible and hope our case sinks into the back pile of the paperwork.

I don't know what services you are getting in, but if you are not on Direct Payments (Where you buy in the services yourself) then the agency will not be billing the CCG for the period he is away. They might also tell the CCG that the services are on hold.

They might telephone the CCG if they are concerned that it might be risky. The CCG is their main source of work (along with Soc. Serv.) and they might be fearful that if they did not report something which was potentially unwise then they might become seen as an unsafe service.

Sorry to be so negative. It's such a wonderful thing you are planning.

What I would say is that they cannot just withdraw funding because of this. They have to follow proper processes. I would imagine that the maximum response would be a review. My own guess is that they would do nothing, but ask the care agency to report any other 'risky' things in the future.

Best of luck


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Good Morning Tippyleaf -

You are very wise to ask this question first.

Years ago I was a foster parent for a special needs five year old.

She was granted a special allowance for play time at a local day care.

During the holiday season we busily went here and there . . .

and did not use the service 100%% - maybe only 60%.

The owner did not bill the state for that month (as a nice holiday gesture).

When he billed the next month he was told No.

His Day Care was no longer approved by the state.

He called me and together we contacted the state and explained the situation.

It was a frustrating battle but he was finally reinstated with the state.

We Laughed and agreed that sometimes it just doesn't PAY to be nice.

I hope all goes well with your plan! Hugs to YOU and Hubby - Granni B

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