Hi, S had a catheter fitted yesterday. Nobody warned me about the blood!!!! He was fine for the first bag, but came to empty the second one, a few hours later and it was full of the damn stuff!!! Immediately phoned the district nurse, to be told, "Oh thats OK, often happens, just drink plenty". How do you get lots of water down somebody who struggles to swallow liquid????. Spent the whole evening, nagging him stupid, to drink. Was fine overnight, urine, almost, back to right colour, but now he is up and about, the bleeding has started again. Waiting now, for the DN to phone back, to ask for advise! I know S is on Warfarin and a little blood, goes a long way in fluid, but it was a bit of a shock, to be faced with a bright red bag! I have read on-line, that's it common for bleeding to occur! You would have thought, they would have mentioned this little fact, especially knowing he was on Warfarin as well!!!

Oh but, it was lovely to wake up in a dry bed this morning!!!!!

Lots of love


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  • Cripes, warfarin. I should think it might have been mentioned. My guy's prostate got nicked, they told us, when the first attempt was made by the visiting nurse, and she abandoned the procedure, so we went to the urologist, whose nurse did the job with lidocaine, and it was a scary bloody mess for a couple of days, NOT captured by the bag. It was fine the next two times, but the third try was so instantly a horror show that even the nurse was thrown. She tried a caudet (sp?) catheter with a bent tip designed to go around the gland. The bleeding stopped after three days. Anyway, still better than what was going on before.

    As far as fluids, I have wondered whether a baster might work in getting a drink in when the straw becomes too hard for him. worth a try? So far it's okay, but he seems to be slowing down, and I'm trying to look ahead.

    Good luck! Enjoy the dry bed!

  • George had a catheter fitted in September, he did not like it at first, but he is ok with it now, but he has had a lot of urine infections, he had some blood when it was first fitted, but it is so much easier with it less washing, at first he kept opening it but has got use to it, I use to cello tape it which worked. Hope you are all ok Yvonne xxxxx

  • Oh Geez Heady I am sorry....we are not to the catheter yet so I have not experiential advice......Is he on the PEG yet? B is and now I give him as much water as he needs ... If he can't swallow you might consider the this . I mean If he's got one he might as well get the other..... (unless of course you're not considering the feeding tube...I know for me, I don't want it.)

    Anyway it sound like others have experienced this so time will tell if this is normal for S



  • Bloody Nora Heady!

    That must have frightened the pants off you?! It would have done me!!

    Now that I know that I will be asking MORE questions b4 we have to go down this road (I fear it not far away)!

    And flaming charming you weren't warned!!

    I'm sick to the back teeth of every person/authority that is supposed to help!

    It's all wrong!

    I truly hope everything goes ok with the catheter

    Lots of love


  • Yeah, I fed up with, one minute treated as if I am a total idiot,not fit to even cross the threshold of the doctors surgery. Then I am expected to know all details of every medical book and had full training. I wouldn't mind quite so much, if they could prove to me, that they have even read the books and attended the courses that has earned them their grand titles!!! 'Cause I'm betting, they ALL missed the PSP lecture!!!

    Lots of love


  • I totally agree

    Makes me sooooo angry and it's so flaming frustrating

    As if we haven't got enough to deal with!!


  • Sounds like DN or whoever fitted the catheter did not read the notes, any bleeding with warfarin can be a problem get them to check INR they may be able to reduce the bleed by varying the warfarin.

    Our DN did warn me about possible blood after fitting, or if M pulls it, but M not on warfarin so no issue. Our problem was being told that it should not block no issue now I have been taught to flush the catheter.

    I have to say the fewer disturbed nights going to the toilet, bed linen changes or pad changes during the day have been a major up side of the catheter.

    I hope you are able to have this experience once the bleed is sorted.

    Best wishes for a quiet night Tim

  • Already feeling the benefit of no fights, getting him to sit on the toilet! A dry bed this morning, no washing sheets, heaven! Bleeding seems to be stopping. Just wish he would drink more. Measuring intake and now output, not a pretty picture. Next weeks challange!!! Know this is going to end in tears!

    How are you feeling Tim?

    Lots of love


  • Hi Heady sounds like he is heading for dehydration because the catheter allows water to flow without resistance from bladder. So may be you need to get your DN or GP to refer you to a dietician who are trained to monitor intake outflow etc, be aware if he does not take enough liquid they will suggest a PEG but if he is not seen quickly it will have to be a NGT (nasal tube) until strong enough for PEG, M had to have one for 4 weeks not pretty or easy. As you say there is always another challenge.

    I am feeling less tired 3 nights of Marie Curie helps but M has a really bad reaction to last antibiotic, continual diarrhoea all day today. So now GP worried it could be C Diff because all good gut bacteria killed off by antibiotic so only leaving bad stuff, waiting for sample result praying not C diff as already hospice cancelled day centre for tomorrow and care home banned her mother or sister visiting feeling more of a social pyriah.

    Any way better be off to bed before M wakes.

    Best wishes for a quiet night


  • S has been heading for dehydration for ages now!!! Thank to me and my constant nagging, he hasn't ended up in hospital! One day, not too long into the future, I know that's where we will be heading. What I can't understand is, he is a very intelligent man, has got his PhD in biology, yet still won't try and drink!

    I really hope M hasn't got Cdiff, that really would be taking the "£&@@". You must be wondering, what other evils can be thrown your way! You must phone CHC and demand more help, it is their responsibility to look after Margaret! So dump some pressure on them. This, you will NOT be able to cope with on your own.

    Lots of love


  • I can imagine that was a shock, as you say warning would have been nice, but then has anyone(except this site ) warned you of what to expect with PSP! Lots of love

    Debbie xx

  • Let me think?????.?? Ummmmmmmmmmmmm NEVER comes to mind!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh so scary. I have catheterized my wife thousands of times and only a couple of times did I see a trace of blood. But I think for men, it's a lot different, as the cath has to travel a wee bit longer. No pun intended. I sure hope this clears up soon. And yes, isn't it nice to have dry bedding in the morning. :-) Take care Heady.

    Lots of Love coming your way!


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