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Thank you for your replies to my post on Facebook. I wrote something similar on the PSP site, so if anyone wants to "Like" it, you can do so there. Unfortunately, my site was set up by a family member for a small group of family and friends. I would not want to change that and upset anyone. I hope you understand.

A friend has contacted me about fundraising. He is a Statistician for the NHS. He suggests that as research is so expensive, it would be useful to put pressure on the Government for funding. I could try to set up a petition for this, what do you think? X.

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Good idea. But I think you have to get so many signatures for them to have to listen to you. Even if every one with PSP signed and all their family and friends, we would fall short. But don't let that put you off. Just tell me where to put my cross!

Lots of love



I'd sign and share if there was a petition.



I too would sign. I know Lord Coe's mother who died, was a PSP sufferer. Don't know if that would have any clout!

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