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My dear Ronnie lost his fight against this terrible disease on 12 June and I am still feeling very raw right now. Family and friends have been wonderful but they still cant replace the Hugh hole I currently have in my heart. Its been an 8 year battle which we both knew he was never going to win but we did our best. I currently have a pair of prism glasses which I would like to pass on to someone if you would like to contact me on I will be more than happy to send them. I do only have the one pair so it has to be on the first come basis. Best wishes to you all on this site and thank you for all the information over the years

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dear shelagh - i have enailed as requested

kind regards sharonlacey


Shasha use the e-mail to send your address and they are yours


Dear Shelagh,

I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss and hope you are finding a way to cope

Please could you tell me where I could buy a pair of these prism glasses, I want to get a pair for my dear dad.

Best wishes,



Hi Sonal, I received some Prism Glasses free of charge for PSP which I returned when my husband passed away last year. I am not sure where you live but if in the UK I would contact the PSP Society. Best wishes to you and your family


I too have a pair that I can send to you if you email me the address I will get them sent asap. I was going to return them to PSP but haven't got round to it yet.



My thoughts are with you on your sad loss. It is over two years since my husband died and I stll feel very raw at times. I don't know if it is his death or the PSP that hurts most. Never had to deal with such a devastating illness. Best regards and take care.


Hi PAT0,

Yes I'm n the UK-is that the PSP Association? I will have a look on their website.

Thank you


Thank you everyone for your comments, The family have all gone back to work etc so this week I am learning to stand alone. Regarding the glasses They have now gone to a good home and anyone else looking for a pair I got mine through the PSP at one of their meetings Jill Lyons is a good contact


Dear Shelagh --

My deepest condolences on losing your beloved Ronnie. With the family back at work, are there others - friends, clergy, support groups - who can lend you a shoulder so you don't have to stand completely alone?

My heart goes out to you, dear, and you are in my prayers.




hi shelagh

i aam so sorry that Ronnie has gone from your life here - plz stay on the site - we need you and you need us1!

lol JIll


Dear Shelagh,

My deepest condolences on your loss. Take your time and allow yourself to grieve. Accept that there will be good days and bad days.

Take care


Kathy xxx


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