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Throat problems

My husband has had throat problems for about a month now. Someone on here said it might be spams in the throat. Now he is starting to breath funny. He has spells where he has little short breaths fast. Has anyone of your loved ones had these problems. The doctors do no tell me a lot. They have told me that within the next 5 years he will need full time care. We just try and get over his ailments one day at a time. This week we have seen an ENT, GI doctor, and his internist about the problem. They are doing a EDG in about 10 days to see what they can find out what is going on in his throat. The ENT ran a scope down his nose and said that his throat was swollen. Any advice would help. Thank you for all that you do on here. I make it my goal to check the site daily. I might not write anything but I am reading and learning.

Thank you.

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mthteach,you seem to have excellent medical help wherever you are located,the condition you describe is not one I have witnessed personally in my 10 plus years caring for my wife, not the swelling part,but all conditions are possibly different,for now go along with what seems good medical advice,as far as 5 years down the road only God can see that far,take heart,one day at a time,regards,Rollie


Wish I could help you more. Has he had a "swallow test"? My wife had four of these throughout her time dealing with PSP. It helps you find out if there is an issue with his swallowing process. My wife didn't have quick breathing until the very last hours. Hugs, Jimbo


Hi mthteach

Rollie is right a videofluroscopy may show what is going on in his throat. Hubby has one every year for a throat problem (unrelated to PSP).

Take care, maddy


My husband went through along period of irregular breathing . I use to feel quite uncomfortable listening to him when asleep . He would get breathless under any sort of effort or pressure . It's only now you have mentioned it I realise it seems to be much better not that is able to put any effort these days . On top of that once stopping the agonists he was taking I have found his swallow a little better and his throat seems to be clearer at night . Which is a bonus not that we ever get any otherwise .


Cabbagecottage what did he have the agonist for. Brian has got them for restless legs and I have cut it down from 2 tabs to 1 tab because he started to get violant leg jerks at night. They was so bad he ended up bouncing out of bed. (Does say they can make the problem worse) but have noticed that he coughs more so it might be an idea to cut that last tab out.


He had the Neupro patch for a number of years then because it affected his skin they tried Roprinirole controlled release. Agonist are give to support the Sinemet . He is now only taking a low dose Sinemet For Parkinsons



My husband recently has been complaining that he can't catch his breath. He says he can't breath very well and seems like he really needs to keep taking deep breaths. If he does too much moving around he will sometimes take short shallow breaths and says he can't breath. He says his lungs don't "hurt" and he doesn't cough much or sound like he's wheezing. He also has problems with his throat, says it feels like he strangling. He hasn't been for a swallowing test or anything else done just yet. It takes a lot to get him convinced to go the dr. says they don't do anything what's the point! I'll be interested to see what your husbands appointments show.

Take care




His appointment is this coming Thursday the 18th. I am going to contact the nurse and ask her if the throat is having spasms, can the doctor check for that. He always keeps throat spray & loungers by him. The ENT said it was swollen in the back. I will post on here when we find out.


Thanks! I'll watch for your post. I hope they can find something that they can help.


Hi, my husband has started breathing very noisily. Almost as if he is breathing to make himself wheeze!

I took him to the doctor, thinking chest infection. Lungs are clear. He was sent for a breathing test, can't remember what it was called. He passed that, she said this would have show any restrictions to the throat. Now we are just left with him breathing as if he is about to run out of breath. If I tell him to breath through his nose and out of his mouth, he does get it under control.

So I'm guessing it's just PSP, playing games with him (and my nerves!) God, I hate this disease!!!

Lots of love



I have noticed the last couple of nights when I'm getting Brian ready for bed he does heavy breathing and its very noisy and yes irritating then he starts coughing as soon as ive got him settled in bed.He has got a hospitol bed and he sleeps almost sitting up. Its almost as if he triggering the coughing. Tried some cough mixture last night an that seemed to help a bit. Janex


i ha ve ha d oprobs with snoring and mkagin bea rlike noise when asleep of ra couple of years now - i putt doe on to the PSP but am not sure

it is word ehwen i hav e a cold and cough (like now) and it even wakes me up 1

lol Jill

Psp person in wthe uK



There is not a lot that the doctors have done for his throat pain. He is very uncomfortable. He is all the time taking over the counter sinus meds (a lot of them) to stop the pain. This has been going on for about a year. We go for our 2nd bering swallow in another week. When he sleeps at night he is moaning in pain in his sleep. I teach during the day, so at night I sleep hard. If he wakes me with the moaning it is bad. I did give him one of my anti-inflammatory pills last night. It appears to have helped some. I am ready to try anything to get him relief.


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