Out of town on business and upon my return VOILA dinner was served!

So my husband has had PSP since November 2015 but symptoms since 2012 and each day brings a new problem or change. I have been fortunate that my work hasn't dragged me out of town for over a year but last Sunday I had to fly out for a business trip for a couple of nights. I didn't know what to do. I was so confused...should I cancel the trip? How can I leave him? What if something happens? Who can be my backup? Is this worth the stress? So many thoughts ran through my mind and my supportive husband said "GO" on your trip and so I did. I was worried the entire time. I made sure to line up my support system. Our son who is only 17 (still in high school) lives with us so he would check on him before and after school, after his golf activities and then he would make sure to get him dinner and would assist if needed when getting ready for bed. My husbands brother was in charge of 8am pick up and took him to the company/office, watched him throughout the day and took him to lunch. He brought him home about 4pm. He was closely watched and thank goodness there were no falls or issues while I was out. Every time I spoke to him on the phone he said he missed me and could hardly wait for me to come home. I arrived last night and as I entered the house I could smell something delicious cooking! It smelled wonderful. Well guess what...he cooked me a homemade meal and it was delicious! He hasn't cooked for me in a while and has not showed any interest in cooking. Last night was an amazing surprise because he tried so hard to make sure everything was prepared--dinner ready, table set and wine served. Voila! Just like that he surprised me and I love him for that because I know that he is struggling, has so much pain but still he wanted to do what he always did best and that was whisk me away and take care of me and everything. I miss that about him so much but even if I get that attention for just one day, just one meal, just one minute, I am so grateful! We even said, "Salud" (Cheers)! What a happy day!


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  • So many emotions but what a wonderful ending. Best wishes, Nanny857.

  • i agree nanny

    lol jill

  • Happy Birthday Jill. Hope it's a good one.


  • Happy birthday from me too!!!

    Lots of love


  • An evening to remember, a memory to treasure. May there be many more.


  • How lovely. Good to hear such a happy story. I know my husband would like to be able to do things for me. Treasure the memory

    love, Jean x

  • Doglinton

    I will treasure it because it has been such a long time since my husband has showed any interest in anything. Today is a beautiful sunny day and I asked him if he wanted to sit outside and get some sunshine and it was a big NO--he has no interest most of the time so that dinner brought me so much happiness. I saw a little of how he use to be! Miss my guy!


  • Thats so true. I miss my guy too !!!

    Jean x

  • Reading of happy days helps to balance out the bad ones. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tokki

    Yes! It is so strange how some days are just so darn tough and then every now and then there is a good day or a good few hours and your thinking...HOPE, then it's back to bad! Bummer!


  • How wonderful!!! Please, please file the memories somewhere safe, this you don't want to forget. It will get you through many a lonely night.

    Lots of love


  • I hate those lonely days and nights!


  • Me too!!!

    Lots of love


  • What a wonderful surprise!!!! I'm so happy for you both!


  • Thank you LynnO!

    I was happy enough to share with all of you because we post so many sad moments about our PSP experiences but not enough happy ones.


  • hi, totally relate love, alice

  • You are a blessed woman. Enjoy this time it is very precious. And next time don't worry so much!!

    Best Jayne

  • And Jill happy birthday. Hope it was lovely and you had a cake and candles to blow out. A speech therapist just gave my husband that as an exercise. I say it's a good excuse to eat cake ha!

    Much love, health, and good times in the coming year! You are such a lovely soul.

    Xo Jayne

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