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Out of hospice and in hospital

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Prayer warriors unite...

For those of you who know my story, yes, I'm still living in Hawaii while my family is in Wisconsin. Thousands of miles away. I fly back and forth every few months. Was just there in May to help my mom move out of the house and into a small apartment, much to her dislike of the whole situation. We thought we would be able to bring my dad home. I just got a call from my mom that his secretions are so bad that she had them admit him to the hospital last night. There are signs of pneumonia. Doctors are saying not to treat him but my mom is telling them to treat him until I arrive. Getting on the plane today at noon and will be there in the morning. Prayers from the online PSP family here are much needed... I didn't tell my mom this but last week I had some weird dreams. One being my dad passing and I'm scared and sad and begging God to let me see him. XoXo.

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I hope you get your wish to see your dad.

Thinking of you; Much love from Jean xx

Saying a prayer for you, I hope you get there to see your dad xxxx

You and your parents are in my thoughts. Sending love, ec

Prayers for you that you see him.

Marie x

My prayers are with you. Hope you get there in time.

I had a 6th sense about my love's progress too. You hope you are wrong, but .......

Hugs and prayers will go round the world for you from this site!

Jen xxx

Said a prayer for you this morning hopen you get to see your dad,sending a hug too at this sad time x

Praying for you. X

If dreams come true, hopefully this one will be. the ultimate one coming true. I have a feeIing that you will make it In Time to see your dad.

I wish you and your family, all the " bon courage" in the world.

Love to you, Anne Baer

Prayers for you and your family.

Really hope you make it to see your dad.

Thinking of you


Thank you everyone. After a 15 hour trip - I've made it to my family. ER doctors are still treating my dad for now but hospice recommends not to treat starting on Monday and says it will be about a week for him...I don't even understand how this works

So glad you got there. May be time for nature to take its course.

Lots of love from Jean x

I'm praying for time and God's blessing.


Sending prayers that you get to see your precious Dad .

Take care

Jude x

Does anyone know how the process works? Hospice is saying they will rent a room at the hospital for a week. They will stop tube feeding. Just administer medication. What will happen? Is he in pain? Will he sleep? Does he know what's going on? What if it's not the right time? How do we know?

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