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council tax


very bad start today prior to rog going to hospice, also have a poorly grandson who will get better but having to deal emotionally on your own i find the most difficult.

anyway moving on just finished wet room being put in and thro floor lift have found out we can get reduction on council tax just so you all know if alterations being done!

suns shining always a bonus!



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Julie hope you get council tax reduction not much just a band reduction, but we had to apply a 3 times as adaptations initially not deemed sufficient, it only when I could prove wheelchair could access wet room, bedroom and lounge with M in it did the guy from the council relent. The galling thing was I used to work with guy though this may have been why he had to be strict.

Once you have it though it is for as long as you both in the house. Also the wet room will be a great help.

Best wishes Tim

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Just to let those know that don't already, that if your loved one uses a wheelchair, you can also get a reduction in council tax!



Just to say that wegot a reduction in our council tax purely because of the PSP diagnosis for my husband. You fill out a council form and have to send a letter of confirmation regarding the condition from your GP. It might only be 25% but its a help

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Remember that no VAT should be charged on the alterations either :)

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We also received a discount for council tax due to PSP, they reduced it as we had attendance allowance for mental impairment due to the PSP.


We were granted a 25% reduction in council tax purely because of PSP. We had to get a form SM1 from the council and then the GP had to sign. that led to an interesting discussion as to whether or not Bug's symptoms were purely physical... The PSPA guide was very helpful in resolving the situation.


Hi all have tried to keep working but it's getting harder and harder .think I may have to try to claim some sit of disability .I am over 65.don.t know much about claiming as I have always worked .anybody enlighten me on pitfalls.

Thanks all .

Big hugs kathy x


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