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Update on claiming council tax reduction

Hi all who were interested in the post that I wrote about a week or so ago about claiming reduction in council tax for anyone who has SMI( severe mental impairment)

Well, I have just received a new bill from the council, after sending in my form, signed by the doctor and had a credit from 2013, when we started living here , until now.

I don't have to pay any more council tax this year and have £700 credit towards next years council tax!


I urge anyone who hasn't already done so, to down load the form for application for discounted council tax, not a reduction but a discount, from their council's web site and send the form in.

Love to all


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I get the 25% reduction is that the same ? X

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It may be......We already get a reduction because we have a wheelchair used in the house and that is referred on my bill as a disabled valuation. I think we have gone down a band, which is the reduction.

This is 25% discount as well as the other discount, because of severe mental impairment.

DenB x


Brilliant I have to admit being caught up in other s**t but will do this? Do you have to prove the mental impairment? That's wouldn't be a problem just more work I suppose

Well done n thx u so much for sharing!! X

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Well, I don't know about anyone else butmy husband does have mental impairment and the doctor was glad to sign the form.

On the council's form it does state, how severely mentally impaired is defined.

It says......a person is severely mentally impaired if he/ she has a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning(however caused) which appears to be permanent in the opinion of the doctor and are entitled to any of the benefits benefits stated.

ie AA, SDA, DLA middle to higher rate care component.

There are others but you would need to read the form.

Good luck Satt2015


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Thx you again Denb x

Need to make another call to GP

Of course I need to find the energy first, crazy isn't it? X


Did it earlier this year and also got credit. Feels good to get something for a change doesn't it. Well done DebB


Thank you for the heads up on this I have submitted a form online for reduction/discount for being mums carer if this doesn't work I'll try on behalf of mum for the others .

Fingers crossed x


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