Time for a laugh,

Time for a laugh,

Yesterday while we were having lunch I saw my Horace laugh out loud for the first time for ages, he still try's to manage to feed himself with a spoon, and I cut everything up as small as possible, we have a nine year old dog called Tonka and he has taken to sitting right at the side of Horace while he is eating, waiting for all the rich pickings that drop on the floor which is usually about a third of the meal, I said to Horace, "I wonder what Tonka would think if we both sat round his bowl while he was eating" well he started to laugh with a mouth full of food and there was food projected a good three foot across the table, we both laughed together for it seemed like a minute and oh it did us both good, for the rest of the day we both could not stop laughing, I shall have to spend more time thinking of funny situations and keep on trying to make it all a joke, as it was the best tonic we have both had for a long time, love to you all

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  • That's lovely, our dog does the same. She's only a pup but she's already worked out the best place to be - right next to D when he's eating. She even obligingly 'hoovers' his jumper for him when he's been eating cake in the armchair!

    V x

  • Mine's just the same, only he cuts out the middle man and tries to eat from S's plate. Hence, all meal times he is locked away. Which unfortunately, can be for quite a while. But he is rewarded with "pudding". When he is allowed back into the room!!!

    Dogs are a wonderful thing. Ours gives us no end of pleasure, only 9months old, so still charging around the house, chasing some silly squeaky toy. I wish I knew where his batteries are kept!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Hi V, did you tell us you had a pup or did I miss it? What breed, name etc.

    I'm getting very envious...I want one!

    My friend is coming on Monday with her new West Highland White. I'm hoping C will respond when we put her on his lap. He responds to very little now.

    Can you get out to walk the pup? I've thought about it but I can't get out unless someone sits with C. That's one reason I don't get one, the other is that one of my daughters in law doesn't like dogs. When we had Rosie, we had to stay in a dog friendly self catering cottage when we went to see them. She would visit us there but didn't like the dog in their house.

    Have a happy Friday and good weekend.


  • Love me love my dog lol ..

  • I should have told my daughter in law that.


  • No I don't think I have revealed the arrival of Darcey. She is a 15 week old whippet puppy. I think our family and friends are fairly evenly split between 'you must be completely mad to take on a puppy when you're only just coping as it is' and ' how lovely, she will be a great companion to you'!

    We are having a pretty busy weekend as helping to look after our two grandsons (3 and 1) while their mum and dad have gone to a wedding. Other daughter is doing most of the babysitting but I am back-up! Will post a photo of Darcey when things have calmed down and the parents are back.

    Love Vicki x

  • I've never seen a whippet puppy. I once saw some hours old greyhounds, expecting them to look like skinny rats but they were like gorgeous podgy Labradors. It doesn't matter what others think does it. It is you who will do the looking after and if she gives you something other than PSP to think about, it can only be good.

    Enjoy your grandsons. We have ours next weekend, can't wait.


  • That is wonderful! I laughed out loud myself thinking of it! Very funny! and good advice, too. Thanks!

  • So funny just what our dog Baxter does, he is like a hover, love him so much, heady ours is 16 months old and he still runs around with his toys, and he is so protective of George. Love to you all. Yvonne x🐕🐕🐕🐕

  • Tonka is really cute, too! Jack Russell?

  • He is A Parsons terrier, like a Jack Russell but with longer legs he is still very lively when with me but so different when near Horace, he watches every move he makes and if he falls sits with him crying until we get him back safely in his chair, he is the perfect companion for him and I am sure he keeps Horace interested every night Horace says "night Tonka see you in the morning" and he finds it very difficult to make full sentences now, but he always manages that, long may he spend his life with his master and his master with him

  • That's lovely. I had never heard of that breed before. What a sweet nature.

  • Hi, thanks that make me smile. I have learnt the hard way not to make my wife (CBD) laugh whilst she is eating or drinking. We were at a funeral of a friend recently and whilst having a cup of tea I was reminiscing of a time with our friend, well the tea spurted out her mouth as she coughed and splutter and seemingly would not stop as I tried to contain the projected stream of hot tea going all over the food neatly laid out on the table in front of us....

  • Funny! Dogs are the best. When food spills on the floor we always say, where's the dog when we need her? My parents don't have a dog now, but I have 2 (one's a Westie). One of our caregivers sometimes brings her dog (the one in the picture.) We always hope to see dogs when we are out walking with my dad in the wheelchair. Yesterday we saw our favorite Pug and my dad smiled for the first time in a month! I asked my boss to bring his newly graduated therapy dog to visit my parents. Same thing--gigantic smile and surprise! We started going to Dog Shows once a month where kennel clubs have competitions and are going to one today! My dad rarely turns his head, but at the dog show his head follows the dogs around the rings. It's a great outing in the winter when we don't get out much.

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