Sometimes you have to laugh

My husband and I brought take out Chinese food to my parents' condo Friday night.

My dad doesn't always like Chinese, but it was very good and he seemed to enjoy it.

The next day the caregiver told me that after my husband and I went home, my dad told her he wanted to go home (not a new story).

When she told him he was home, he told her he'd been to this Chinese restaurant a million times and that he hated this restaurant. When the caregiver insisted he was really home he suggested they call the police!

Last night my dad enjoyed my husband's home-made chicken parmesan very much. We'll see what he says today about the Italian restaurant!

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  • Your dad gets around doesn't he? Thanks for making me smile.


  • Casa e dove e Italia!



  • Thank you for the laugh. At least he didn't say nice food shame about the service. Janexx

  • OMG you crack me up!

  • Thanks for the laugh!!' God bless your Dad!

  • You're father sounds like a budding food critic:)

  • Your. Sorry tired but what else is knew right?

  • I always see the typos after I hit send two :).

    Last night we had tacos--one of his favorites! We are always impressed with his relative precision and care in eating a taco compared to everything else. But he still wanted to "go home" after dinner. Our caregiver with the little dog in the picture comes Saturday night. I hope she brought the dog this weekend!

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