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I don't know what to do and how to get this problem Of my father cured


My father is 47 years old he has both diabetes and blood pressure problem 3 months ago his asthma problem had been treated but he has a regular problem of coughing for a long time but if he cough while lying on bed he becomes senseless he is not able to get his sense till somebody try hard to make him sit I am very scared because this attack is mainly at night 🌃 he also coughs for a long time while eating

so please anyone help me to my father to get my father OK

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Hi Sammeer

I am so sorry - it must be quite frightening.

You didn't way whether or not you father had the illness PSP. So I have split my reply.

If he id coughing in the way someone does when they need to clear their throat:

With PSP the swallow reflex deteriorates and along with it the ability to cough up fluids that find their way into the airways. As the swallowing ability decreases it becomes necessary to thicken drinks with something like 'Nestle Resource' a powder stirred onto drinks to make them thicker so that the slowed swallow reflex can cope. I expect that a little boiled rice flour stirred in would have the same effect. Just mix enough into drinks to get a nectar consistency.

With or without PSP:

I wonder if he was propped up a bit in the night, so that he is reclined rather than laying flat, whether it might help if he is trying to clear his throat from saliva which has gone down the wrong way?

If it's a dry cough then I am afraid I have no answers.

Welcome to the forum there are a lot of good folk here and I hope you join us.

Wishing all of you the best.


Edit: If it is a dry hacking cough please see my next post.

Sameer hello. I really haven't got anything to add to what Kevin has suggested. I think his suggestions are very sensible. I hope you try them. You must be very frightened by this. Can anyone stay with you at night?

Try thickening his drinks and propping him up at night. He is so young to be suffering like this, and you are so young to have to cope with such a situation. I will say a prayer for you both.

Take care and remember we are here always so come back to us?

Marie x

Also agree with all that Kevin has said. Yvonne xxx

Hi again Sameer

I've googled coughing and diabetes.

It might be a side effect of the medication.

Click on the link below:


Best to you


Hi sameer726337!

To reduce coughs and choking we installed almost from the beginning an articulated bed that allows to regulate the inclination of the torso of the patient.

Use the syrup recommended by the doctor. To avoid in the diet: coffee, carbonated beverages, chocolate, orange, lemon or grapefruit juice, helps.

If the problem has to do with phlegms and choking: The first thing is to remain calm during episodes of truly shocking coughs. The second is that a doctor rules out an infection in the respiratory tract.

• It is not a big problem that the patient swallows his phlegm. For phlegm to be fluid, it is important to drink liquids. Steam inhalation from boiling water with a few drops of Eucalyptus essence and a small spoonful of Vicks Vaporub (Olbas Oil in U.K.) and a small spoon of marine salt, with a towel covering head and bowl helps. (One to three times a day.) Medications like "Fluimicil Forte-600" (Acetylcysteine) one by day or "Mucosan" (Ambroxol hydrochloride) in the morning and in the afternoon help.

• In case of choking, raise both arms at shoulder height, breathe only through the nose intensely if possible. I do not inhale air intensely but not very fast through the mouth. Retain air a couple of seconds and then force the cough.

• There is a suction machine which helped a lot with the very sticky phlegm. We have NOT used it yet.

• A steam atomizer to keep the air in the room moist helped, too. (40% - 52% moist advisable.)

• The physiotherapists have exercises reinforcing trunk muscles to improve the response to choking.

• Avoid dairy products, especially before bedtime seems to avoid the increase in viscosity of phlegm.

Hug and luck.


Hello Sameer, you don't mention if your father has been diagnosed with PSP or any of the other related diseases. If he has, then Kevin's advise is how most of us have dealt with the swallow/choking issue. If it isn't related to PSP then other treatments or medication may be relevant.

Warm wishes


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