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Home through Autumn leaves

The road from Exeter to Silverton where we live , follows the meandering course of the River Exe. The hills either side of the valley are treelined with water meadows bordering the river .After a singularly dull exercise in shopping for pyjamas (pyjamas I ask you ) we returned home in the afternoon sunlight along the wooded valley . It was a riot of colour- a river of rusty red ran down the edges of the road as if racing to join the Exe and a carpet of confetti gold spread itself under the trees . Great flames of orange and yellow licked their way up through the beech trees and many a tree was ablaze- every shade and hue of autumnal colour vying to out do its neighbour .The trees arch across the road and it felt cathedral like with the sunlight forcing its way through so many stained glass windows .The setting sun at this time of the year has its own distinctive character - it creates a warm softness which enhances the green of the fields and adds another dimension to the leaves on the trees .As you climb up away from Exeter and leave the wooded valley huge elongated shadows are cast by the great single oaks that stand in the fields too proud to join their comrades in the woods . The beginnings of a wraithlike mist begins to swirl and snake its way across the pastures and one has the feeling that the cold fingers of winter are not too far away .But not yet -please not yet .

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Georgepa, As I read your post I was walking along with you, such a wonderful description, I could see the colourful picture. Sounds like a lovely place. Nanny


Wonderful, Georgepa! For some reason this made me cry. Wishing I was there, perhaps. Thank you.


Thanks so much for putting this wonderful picture in my mind Georgepa. I'm speechless.......(for once!)



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You've put into words my experience of the sun and the colours as I drove back from Yorkshire. It brought it all back so vividly.

Thank you for brightening my morning !

love. Jean x


Lovely Georgepa! I was with you in spirit on that lovely road leaving Cowley Bridge behind and winding through the woods towards Thorverton and Rewe. Further over the hills from Bickleigh is the way towards where we used to live. It's hard to believe but we have been in Kent for almost a year now. The trees are looking wonderful here as well but the landscape is different ( and the traffic much busier!).



Love the countryside around Exeter, we are only up the road in Somerset and having family down in Cornwall tend to pass that way from time to time. Sounds like a wonderful journey and yes please keep the cold of winter away a little longer.


After this lovely Autumn, the thought of winter coming, just fills me with dread! How am I going to get him out and about, if it's icy or even worse snow! The dog is hating it already, refuses to come out into the garden, as to going onto the lawn, forget it, gets his poor little toes wet!!!

Hope you got your PJ's!!!! At least you were able to enjoy the ride to and from the shops! Every cloud, as they say!!!!

George, we are with you, during this lovely rides, you take us on and in those very low moments, you are going through at the moment.

Lots of love



Lovely little vacation you've given me again, George, thanks. We have a similarly beautiful cathedral effect on the quarter mile drive from the road to the old farm where we spend our weekends, where my old lad spent his childhood and where he intended to spend his retirement. It's been an especially gorgeous autumn. The maple, ash, oak and beech trees look like columns and then interlace high above the lane and make a beautiful gothic roof. The colors were especially splendid this year, but already are fallen away, making a bright carpet now. We love this season, though; with the leaves gone the views open up and we can really see the land curving away to the distant mountains. It's so hard to come back to town for the workweek!

Winter is for coziness: warm woolens, good stews, thick socks, maybe some spiced warm wine. We will get through it! I am planting tulips this week (In town only; the deer eat them up at the farm.) and will look forward to spring!

All the best, Easterncedar


Lovely! We went from church for a carvery then onto the countryside and Redmires Reservoir to enjoy all that you described. Great for the soul, body and spirit!

(I would add a photo but am not sure how to on this site!) X


Beautiful ! X


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