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Wind and more wind


Our village is situated on the western flank of the Exe Valley , consequently as the wind comes up the valley it curls itself up over the side of the hill and what starts as a breeze becomes a wind and a wind is more like a gale and a gale a hurricane and that is what it has felt like for the past few days . The tiles have been skittering and jumping on the roof , rooks have been blown about in the sky like so many black plastic bags caught in the violent gusts of wind . Shrubs in pots have been relocating themselves around our courtyard garden . Yesterday we had a power cut as trees were down and so were the power lines . We lit candles and fortunately we had a battery operated radio to keep us company for the six or so hours it lasted . But it makes you realise just how vulnerable we are in our modern civilised society . One of the most difficult things we have had to deal with is the noise from the chimney in our sitting room which is now V's bedroom . It sounds as though there is a giant sitting astride our roof playing a huge didgeridoo- the deep base sound reverberates around the room every time there is a gust of wind . No amount of stuffing things up the chimney seems to make the slightest difference and it is not a sound conducive to sleep .

This morning the wind abated and a weak and watery sun tried to make its presence felt -we breathed a sigh of relief , even the cat looked happier - it went on one of its mad escapades tearing round the house at great speed for no apparent reason . Why do cats do that or is it just mine ?

In the village people ventured out cautiously and the local shop was full of tales of lost roofs , sheds blown over trees down and relations lost forever !

But just when we thought all was well and life was returning to normal - the wind came back and it has come back with a vengeance .And that blooming giant is back on the roof - it's going to be a long night .

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H Georgepa hopefully you both get some sleep despite the giant. The storm has thankfully stopped here and hopefully won't come back. Maybe the giant will stop the tiles flying off! Take care maddy xx

Beautiful, evocative writing as ever, Georgepa, thanks. Love the image of the giant and his didgeridoo. I had a hard time going into work today. As I climbed the granite steps the sun shone through a glittering curtain of flying crystals, too fine to be felt, but filling the air with spangles. It was very cold and the tears were freezing on my cheeks, but I was mesmerized. I love winter. Who needs diamonds?

Living on the banks of the Ex sounds idyllic!!! Xx

Thanks for your description, been missing your posts.

I put a hanging "tub" in the apple tree where Des could look out on it with four tete a tete daffodils and snow drops,this morning so much blown over and rubbish from other gardens but the tub serenely hanging.well he can enjoy that for another day,though I am not sure what he can see now, possibly eight daffodils with his vision!Love to you both and family Px

Hope the storm has passed, Georgepa. We live on top of a hill and its like Wuthering Heights in any storm. The perspex roof blew off our veranda. C hasn't noticed or he'd be up trying to fix it.Maybe not , as his hands are all bruised and covered in plasters from his latest fall !

Will get someone to fix it and get the garden ready for spring.

love, Jean x

Again what a wonderful picture you have painted Georgepa. I think we have a relative of your giant on our roof but it's the carer kept awake in the lounge next to C's bedroom. We have a gas fire resembling a burner with artificial coal and a glass "door". I couldn't light it even though the pilot light was on. I called in the gas man and he said the wind had blown the coals over the gas outlet. He had received several call outs for similar reasons.

I've thought of playing a duet with the giant. We have 2 didgeridoos here. One sent to us through the post by our eldest son when he was in Australia, much to the amusement of our next door neighbour who took in the enormous heavy tube as I was out when it was delivered and one hand made by him and brought home after his travels. I can get a sound out of it but breathing in and blowing out at the same time nearly sends me into a faint. That's made me think. We were talking about decluttering the other day. When did I last use them? do I need them? Can I get rid of them....NO!


abirke in reply to NannaB

Thanks NannaB. I was sure to Google Georgepa's latest descriptive when you put the final touches on the "woodwind?" We too have experienced gale like winds...without the water......the air is so dry around here there's more static than humidity. For all the air, it's been a month since I've been able to breath normally......It's chair to chair to get anywhere...actually used b's walker....not sure it helped! oh well good luck with the decluttering....I so need to do the same!



It's been some storm but it's much calmer her in s Wales this morning , the sun is even our . Don't think for v long though ..

John is slowly getting over his episode of bullous penthagoid , I takes very little to make th Parkinsons so very much worse .

We have having a visit from the palliative care nurse this afternoon . Will let you know the outcome.

Friday the hopefully final meeting for CHC . It's been eighteen months since I requested a further assessment . I am not holding my breath though . I am use to disappointments . Take the in my stride

Was my birthday last Monday and my daughter had arranged to take me out for a tea during my 12-2 sit. . We had to cancel , I couldn't bare to leave John . Mayb next week ?????

hi georgepa

a wonderful description as always

lol jill#

George I so love your posts, I feel like I am there with you. The wind was quite bad here, we live in a bungalow, behind another house, so I think that stops the wind a bit. Hope you are ok George not seen any posts from you lately. Yvonnexxxxx

Love your descriptive writing , better than any book x

I agree with gypsywoman1947, love your postings Georgepa, you paint a great picture with words. Best wishes, Nanny857.

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