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Antacid for excessive mucus/saliva/sputum


Hi all,

I keep seeing the excessive mucus /saliva / sputum causing choking symptom on this site. I hope what worked for my dad might work for someone else. My dad had this problem a couple of years ago and the doctor had x-rays taken a couple of times thinking it might be pneumonia which it wasn't. I was just giving my dad Muscinex to loosen the phlegm, but it didn't do much good. Then I saw a post on a Parkinson's website that an antacid had cured someone of the problem so I gave it a shot. It really worked for my dad! Since then I have given my dad Ranitidine (Zantac) 150 mg twice a day and he no longer gets the thick strings of mucus he used to choke on. Between the antacid and his albuterol for wheezing, the choking is totally under control for now. The doctor says the antacid keeps the stomach from producing so much mucus. Hope this helps someone.

As my dad and his friends used to say, stay vertical and keep taking nourishment!


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Thank you. Will get some Zantac tomorrow as I will try anything and can't see that this will harm if it doesn't work. Its funny but our doctor suggested that it could be stomach acid causing the mucus. Couldn't see the connection at the time and I forgot what he gave us to try as its a while ago. However I will try again, so thank you Carlam xx

I hope and pray it works for you!

Dont forget zantac can cause diarrhoea Janexx

hi i have excess stomach acid and take a tablet very morn gin before i eat and it seems to stop the mucus build up etc

`it is llansoprazole (sp?) and it also tend s to prevent the choikng as well

there si a whole family of these drugs - p was on another one until the chokign got worse `at 4 M IN he morning. and then a lot of coughinhg - not b pleasant when it use dot happen!

so i hoipe this helps as well

lol JIll\


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S is on the same pill! But it's because he is on so many other drugs. As been on it for some years. So I don't know what effect it is having. Maybe it's slowing the choking, I wouldn't like to say!!!

Lots of love


I will try that , I occasionally use gravies on myself do you think they might help .





I was thinking maybe Cabbage Cottage's "gravies" were possibly poultices, something you rub on? Some of my dad's caregivers swear by Vicks Vapor Rub when he has a cold and cough. The rub, along with the chest and back message, does seem to help. The rub is multipurpose as she uses it on his feet when they swell too :).

Mum really struggles with mixture of watery saliva she chokes on and thick cattarh too. She has a saline nebuliser and was using atropine drops. She was given a seebri breezhaler as she has COPD also and this helped a bit with secretions. She also constantly complained of acid indigestion but is now on omperazole and also started the liquid version of carbocisteine which is a mucolytic. It's a horrible tasting liquid and not easy to administer but does seem now to help. But mum is on a very high number of drugs for various things now.

The MND association has a great factsheet on this.

Thank you for the tip, I will buy ranitidine asap. My mother is tortured by thick stringy Fuchs

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