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Mucus/saliva reduced


(I am posting a few of these tips since they may help someone quickly looking for such tips)

My dad is in advanced PSP and has a PEG tube

He had a lot of problem with saliva and phlegm - he also suffered from phlegm before and it was just as bad, if not worse with the PEG

3 days ago, we removed milk from his regular feed - he would have 4-5 feeds per day, either of a fruit mix or boiled chicken mix or milk/egg-white - the milk has been removed from that mixture and his saliva/mucus problem seems almost perfect

Also, the replacement is now a market product called Ensure NutriVigor - this is a powder - his feed is 250 ml food + 50 ml water - the 250 ml food is made from Ensure powder and he takes it 1-2 times a day


- Sammy

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Thanks Sammy Will try to see if dietician will change from Ensure Plus to a powder but probably same constituents. As Margaret is developing a saliva issue which is causing chokes, she is also totally PEG fed as no swallow.



you are welcome :) - you may also check the option of purchasing or renting a mucus suction machine

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Thank you Sammy. Good information



They are also called portable aspirators

My dad aspirated once and he was severely distressed till they put him on oxygen in the ambulance - only then he could breathe easily - the mucus was still there and they pulled it out with a suction machine which they put down his throat a bit - I think it needs some training since there is a chance of injuring the throat


Yes...I guess that's one of the reasons why I haven't rented one....you are sort of on your own, I'm afraid! And B not drinking milk? We've already had that fight...he won.



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