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My Saturday

It seems to me that the only moan and groan i have these days is the poor knowledge the carers have. We have had to have different carers in the morning for a week and they have got no idea. Because in the morning i act as 2nd carer i have witnessed and had to correct some really strange things. Getting tops off they seem to think you yank it over the head then take arms out ...... i was taught arms out then over the head. Next they think if you put the arms in the jumper then over the head...... i was taught head 1st then arms.

Personal care (washing) was an eye opener. So far this week i have had to point out that nivia (yes my face cream) is not for bottoms.?...that you have to wash the front before the back (yes we are talking nether regions)..... and it is better to dry the butt before you put the cream on. (Bum cream)

Oh and don't forget the idea of leaving Brian in peace to do his toilet they think means you stand the side of him watching or in the doorway facing him. They thought i was mad when i said can you come out and shut the door. (I must have some strange ideas about privacy.)

Roll on monday when our angle is back on duty. And I'm not sure who will be crying the most Brian or myself and they will be tears of joy and happiness rather then the tears of despere that have been shed all this week. Janexx

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I think these carers have to take so many courses for Health and Safety reasons, they don't have the time to actually train them to do the job they are employed to do! I also wouldn't mind betting, that the H&S police, state that they shouldn't leave their patients alone, especially while on the loo!

Lots of love



But it states on his care plan after Brian is on glide comode over the toilet leave him in privacy to complete his toilet. Not rocket science to my way of thinking. Common practice to withdraw for a few minutes to give privacy and to provide dignity they even do that in hospital. Not that theres much dignity either on a bed pan or comode with just a curtain between you and the rest of the ward. Janexx

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I had the same problem . had to ask them to leave the room , . it's hard enough to go the the toilet in the middle of a room after years of going into the privacy of a smaller toilet or bathroom .

just step aside and leave them in peace . Obviously can discreetly keep a watchful eye .

you get tired of repeating the same instructions , you know what is best . most of the carers we have had have been pretty good . I try now and step aside . But still keep a watchful eye and will step in if I think it's necessary


Not to minimize your frustration, but my guy insists on doing his T-shirts on and off as your carers do, and I've always thought it was a boys vs girls style thing. The privacy issue would drive anyone mad! I hope your angel is back today and you and Brian are recovering from the ordeal. (Nivea on the bum - how er...refreshing!)


Oh this made me smile, you painted such a picture , you wonder where is common sense. It's not rocket science is it !!!! Very sad too, but I hope your regular is soon back with you .x


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