Red face day

In this last week Brian has been comeing out with me everyday and yesterday he got a bee in his bonnet about going out on the bus. Yes I thought what a good idea. Brian nicely settled in his wheelchair short wait at the bus stop. Was very easy to get him on the bus and into the correct place. As we are sitting there I have noticed the instructions for useing the wheelchair space and oh dear we are in back to front. Does it matter yes it does because when it comes to getting off the bus its near impossible to manhandle the chair out of the space. So it was a grunt and groan from me everyone looking at the strange woman holding the bus up. Bus driver had to help un jam the chair so we could get off and carry on his journey. At least I will know for next time. Janexx

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  • This made me laugh Jane. You wouldn't think wheelchairs could cause so much trouble would you. I got an electric one yesterday, operated by me with a joy stick. It took me half an hour to get it up the ramp of our car. At one point my husband did a 360 degree turn. He just kept laughing. One good thing though, I didn't have an audience like you. L plates for me I think.

    Good for you for attempting to go on a bus with a wheelchair. I'm not brave enough for that yet ( maybe when I've passed my test. )

    Nanna B

  • I will definitely do it again and hopefully remember to look at diagrams before parking chair in bay. At least we can laugh about it now. Janexx

  • Hi NannaB, are they really letting you lose with a machine like that?!!!! We all wait with bated breath, for all the stories!!! The thought of you poor hubby, going around and around in the drive, must have been a sight for poor eyes!

    Definite must, the L plates!!,

    Lots of love


  • I did it a different way today. Parked the car on the road, brought the wheelchair out of the French doors backwards, along the back, down the side of the house with an inch to spare each side of the chair, backwards down our steep drive, off the curb and up into the car. From getting hubby into the chair to starting the engine...45 minutes. I then drove from Kent to Suffolk and reversed the procedure getting into the holiday home we have hired. To get him into the lounge I had to steer him into the kitchen, reverse into the bedroom and drive into the lounge. Going to have a nap now, physically and mentally exhausted ( after packing, loading the car etc). but at least my back doesn't ache from pushing 15 stone around. Our 4 and 7 year old grandsons are joining us ( with their parents). I hope they don't find the on off switch, no telling where my hubby will end up. Some time ago the 4 year old said, " Nanna B, why do all grandad's things have buttons". That was while he was taking his Grandad for a "ride" in his rise recliner chair. Happy days !

    Love Nanna B

  • Oh NannaB how I laughed at the chair antics. We have been thinking about getting an electric chair but I think I would need another way to stear it. Never been any good with joysticks not even any good with the computer games. My poor Brian would probably end up in the fishpond with me stearing like that. He said I'm bad enough with a manual chair. Hard to see where I'm going with him being 6ft and me only 4ft 11 inches I only just see over his head. Janex

  • Oh NannaB, laughing even before you said about the children getting the buttons. I know S's grandson would have endless fun, if he found the remote controls. Like you say, god knows where he would end up and in what state.

    The thought is going to tickle me for hours.

    Enjoy your holiday, make sure you take a break, as you will have plenty of hands around to help!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks x

  • he snannab

    plz enjoy your break !!



  • Hello Jane, so brave of you.Only really bad people would not have felt sorry but impatient,that is their problem.We did a trip for fish and chips outside seaside cafe and Des got out to sit at the table,but when he came to get back in he tried to step on the footrests instead of backing up we both laughed and started everyone else laughing.The seagulls did well as not much reached his mouth safely.I hope to do a repeat trip if weather permits.Once when I needed help to get Des up after a fall I realised he had odd shoes on! we still laugh about that too.Before Des was this bad we went to Cyprus for a short holiday and when we took a bus each driver helped us and also put down the platform for us,as if that was the usual thing to do,full marks to them.I hope you keep managing trips out well done again P

  • What's a few red faces, if it gave Brian some pleasure and freedom. Where were all the passengers, to give you a bit of assistance? Why didn't the bus driver warn you in the first place! Honestly, don't people make you mad! We went for a long walk the other day, took the chariot, as I knew he wouldn't be able to manage walking all the way. Everyone and their dog, spoke to us, all smiles and so forth. Yet, need a bit of help, when you have a wheelchair, all you get is frowns and the "Tut! Tuts!" As if you shouldn't be out!

    Still, I am really happy for you, that you and Brian are able to go out again! Keep it up. We can all appreciate and smile at you getting stuck on the bus. We have all been in similar situations. Our best to date, is coming out of a supermarket, S pushing the trolley, me pushing S, on a slight decline, was nearly very messy!!!! (That's when I got the tut, tuts! Especially, when I had to park and abandon S, to take the shopping to the car!!!). Hey ho, another day we triumphed over PSP!

    Lots of love


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