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Now how about this - on Friday I went for an assessment for the new carer grant which came in in April . It is non means tested and is there for all carers providing you meet certain criteria . Well the assessment took nearly an hour and a half and was very thorough . The lady who did it was understanding and sympathetic -fatal with me - instantly need the tissues ; some of the questions she apologised for as they were not terribly relevant like "what would give you a good life " or "how would you like to improve your future " .Very difficult not to be facetious with one's answer I have to say .Anyway to cut a long story short when the assessment was finished she said she would be recommending me for this grant which she hoped would help however the government had not been over generous and the maximum I would receive would be £7.50 per week for one hours domestic help ! I just burst out laughing .I would welcome any suggestions as to what to do with this magnificent sum .


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  • Flipping heck Georgepa I'm shocked!

    Domestic help costs far more than that, what a waste of time, ridiculous if you ask me!

    A suggestion for what I'd do with £7.50?

    Buy a bottle of vodka! Ha!

    Love to you....Pat xx

  • George, they took so long to assess you, it is an insult, you could not even get a cleaner for £ 7.50, it is a disgrace, to be offered that, George I can't even think what you could do with it, but I would like to tell the government to stick it up there ;:.:::::::::

    I thought when I first saw your post I thought it was going to be hundreds a month, just can't believe it.

    That is £30.00 per month, I just can't believe it, what do they think you could do with that amount of money????

    Don't go going on expensive holiday.

    Yvonne xxxxxxxx

  • Wow! Can we all get it? It would buy me a jacket potato and a pot of tea for one at the local garden centre. It certainly wouldn't buy me domestic help, not by anyone permitted to work anyway.

    Don't get too excited when you receive your first payment although you could celebrate with that bottle of vodka Pat suggested.




  • Hi Peter I did think of spending it on a ticket for the fifth day of the Test Match at the Oval against the Aussies but I guess it will be all over by day two ! Sorry buddy perhaps that's a bit below the belt but you can't blame me after our trouncing down under last year .


  • hi georgepa no mate i dont blame you one bit if you give it you have got to able to take it mate and we deserved it see yer mate just packing to start our weeks holiday going about a 1.000 mile by train

    staying in a nice posh hotel at the casino well thats what I booked I just hope they understood me matey so see yer mate take care

    peter jones Queensland Australiia psp sufferer

  • Have a good holiday Peter

  • thanks georgepa had a real good time and the weather was great it was very warm for this time of the year peter jones queensland Australia psp suffere

  • How much is that in American dollars?

  • About 5 dollars

  • $11.64 U.S. Dollars

  • Thank you. So is that what minimum wage is in the UK ? or is that some arbitrary number the govt came up with to "help their people" with....hahaha


  • It is around the minimum wage but I think they just picked an arbitrary sum that costs more to administer than is useful!

  • Thats exactly what I was thinking but got off on another tangent!!! It takes more to administer than is worth anyone's time!!!!! How can that program not see they are wasting their money!!!!

    Thank you Joeglad, for your input........


  • Speechless. What a ridiculous system.

  • Are they 'avin a laurgh' and on who's behalf! That just about sums up the attitude to the suffers and their carers. Maybe the 'Big Society' will come into its own and send volunteers to come and clean and do the garden. Ain't gonna happen is it! As others mentioned you must feel like telling them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Don't spend it all at once will you. Enjoy the vodka. Xx

  • Put it on a horse

  • Put it on a horse ?

  • What a pity she didn't tell you the amout you would get before the assessment instead of wasting your precious time x disgusting!

  • Out cleaner cost £10 per hour.

    You could have your house cleaned once a month or 2 bottles of jack daniels.

    Difficult choice.

  • Easy choice !!

  • We have a CHC interview next Tuesday, will let you know how we get on.


  • Just to make it clear this was not CHC funding but part of a new government scheme to give help direct to the carer . Attendance allowance which we do get goes to my wife and helps pay for paid carers . This is supposed to be just for me to give me additional help . But I guess when most politicians couldn't tell you the price of pint of milk and they think £7.50 is a good minimum hourly wage then what can you expect especially when more than half the cabinet are millionaires. But good luck with your CHC interview that's our next hurdle .


  • I will spell this out so as to lessen the abruptness S-H-I-T! much smoother....And might I say that all politicians are the same everywhere.......US politicians enamored by their own pious stupidity that they are allowing their constituents to be wooed by Donald Trump. Meanwhile my husband who is now dependent on gov't assistance received a letter from them telling him how excited they are to inform him that he will be receiving a reduced monetary supplement due to his age.....

    VOTE FOR..........?


  • Do remember to read all the criteria for each domain and pick out each phrase that matches the problem. Look especially at the High and Severe descriptions. Also remember that even is a need is being well looked after it is still a need! Do fight your corner.

  • Well allowing we are on duty 168 hours per week, this 4.5p an hour. Some £6.65 short of the minimum wage. I wonder what the Department of Employment would make of that! I wish our Company could get away with paying this sort of wage!!! If you go on strike for a day, you will have enough money to write to them to find out!

    I think a bottle of Vodka, will be pushing it, half of bottle, maybe. Or a semi reasonable bottle of wine, but over a week........ Wouldn't even get much change from a couple of cups of coffee at Costa!

    An insult George! No two ways about it. Talk about giving us the bird!!!!!!

    Lots of love


  • George is this instead of additional to Carers Allowance? Carers allowance is taxable but comes in at £62 a week, better than the pittance you have had to jump through hoops for. If you have not got it yet apply on line Google carers allowance and make sure you get the site.

    Otherwise I agree with Chris and miss Swiss, an outside bet on horses.

    Best wishes Tim

  • I don't get carers allowance as I am too old - nearly in my grave -but we get or at least my wife gets Attendance Allowance which goes direct into her pension which is fine . This new thing came in under the Carer Act 2014 implemented Ist April this year . Devon Carers put it in their News Letter and it comes under New Offer for personal needs for Carer and the money awarded is to pay for things like ironing or gardening-things which normally , paid carers wouldn't necessarily do although I have to say mine do -not gardening but they do a lot of domestic stuff whilst they look after my wife .They are great .So it doesn't have a specific name but go through your local carers association and you too can be assessed for 1 1/2 hours for ....well not very much .


    Quite like the horse idea anyone got any good tips ?

  • yes matey its called insulting and its still running

    peter jones queensland Australia psp merchant

  • Hi George nothing about age in the Carers allowance notes, yes it may be reduced by a little for state pension but you should be entitled. If you need assistance suggest going to local CAB who will fight your corner. Go for it nothing lost if you try. I have already contacted my local Carers Trust to get info on new benefit but only just now, they have heard of it but have not looked into it. I agree with

    Peter fir horse name.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Stops at 65 when you get state pension

  • Thanks George. Hope that does not mean I lose it next year I shall have to wait and see. Tim

  • Omg that did make me laugh how degrading x

  • Hi

    Can you tell me the formal name of the grant?

    My PSP partner receives PIP benefits and so I filled in a form.... I very brief one... and get some £62.00 a week.

    Hope this helps a little.



  • Oh, I see Amilazy got there first :) I seemed not to have opened the whole thread... good luck!


  • You should do .

  • thak you george pa -- i hope you are right !!

  • Not had internet so missed all this. What an insult ! It costs more to do the assessment, doesn't it ? I just can't understand the thinking. I also got an assessment that I qualify for attendance allowance but , as I get a state pension, won't get it. Why waste our time. It drives me mad.

    It is just insulting. Jean

  • If it is your partner who has thePSP you will still get Attendance Allowance after you reach pensionable age .


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