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Well we arrived at the hospital they asked us to come earlier so we arrived at 10 o'clock no bed still waiting for a bed it is 3 o'clock George is so tired seen a doctor but they have sat us in a room with a table 5 chairs lots of boxes and bags, would of been nice to off sat us in a more comfortable room, they are really polite but still not good enough, still for George's sake I am keeping quiet, but not for long. Yvonne xxxxxxx

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Youre finally getting to the hospital....its been so long I can't even remember what ya'll are going for....Well patience for the patients, Eh. Or is it the other way around lol?

It's not funny I know If it makes you feel any better my husbands place of daily sitting has been inundated by noise of saws, hammers and children laughing (thats music to our ears). I do hope you get what you need



I have decided hospitals are definitely NOT for the sick. We have to go to ours tomorrow, to finish a load of physiological tests S was having last week. Know it will be hell, trying to park, getting him to the specialised unit, that is nowhere near the car park or the bus stop, so will probably have to park in the multi story, and then get on a bus, then walk to the unit. I would so love to make the idiot who planned and the even bigger one who approved this wonderful new facility to take their loved one, through what the rest of us have to put up with on a daily basis!!! How I hate the NHS and everything in it!!!

Try to keep calm Yvonne, know it's very hard, but it will only upset you and George, the people you finally lose it with, won't care, notice or be able to do anything about it anyway!!!

Lots of love



Yes Heady and Abrike finally got a bed at 4 o'clock George was very tired, so many Doctors came to see him, he would not eat any dinner, I managed to get him to eat a banana and half a sandwich, he was very agitated, never seen him like that before, left him at 7.30, hopefully he will have a good night, really wanted to have a good night sleep, now I am worried about him, getting the train in the morning to go back down, big doctors meeting at 9 o'clock, and he has a MRI at 8 so another busy day for him. Hope all goes well for you Abrike with you ramp, and Heady all goes well at the hospital in the morning lots of love Yvonne xxxx. Heady hope your baby is ok!


Yvonne that is disgusting. All of the hospitals are impossible here to. Say something, that is what I do. Sometime it works, sometimes not. He is in for tests correct? Audrey xxxx


Unbelievable, are we people or just numbers, can they not make provision for people with greater needs who find hospital visits such a chore. A little bit of humanity goes a long way, surely it isn't beyond The NHS's capabilities to offer assistance in such cases. maybe they should take lessons from the airline companies who can organise assistance from start to finish. Maybe you should have burst into floods of uncontrollable tears or a full on tantrum and they would take pity on you. Hope it was all worth it! Xx


Well we had good service after we got a bed at 4 o'clock so 6 hours later sitting in an uncomfortable room, doctors came around quite a few, OT, speech therapist, doctors said on the Thursday there would be a lot of doctors coming to see George at 9 o'clock so we arrived early, we we're amazed when about 14 doctors arrived around his bed, half of the professors, they were with him for 45 minutes, and then they were having a meeting at 11, and Pro. Morrison came and saw us at 12 after the meeting, and confirmed that is was probably PSP, he was very nice, and was upset that we were not getting CHC he said he would write a letter to them.

In the afternoon another doctor came around and asked if he could bring some students around, George agreed and we had another 9-10 students around his bed.

They said we could go home today a day early, all tests finished, they even gave us transport which was so good, we live in Bishops Stortford, hertfordshire so I would have had to have gotten the train and come back to pick him up, home safely with a very tired man, he was so happy to come home, he did not like it in hospital. Back after six weeks for results.

Bit of a nightmare but all ok in the end. Yvonne xxxxx.


Glad it went well and that they are trying to get things sorted for you both. Sounds as if you had a full medical team, wow. Xx


Katie we did have the full team even had a phone call from one of the doctors today, to say sorry he was going to come back, and he missed us. George very tired today, and not looking to good. Enjoy the weather Yvonne xxxxxxx


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