Bats in the bedroom!

Just for a laugh. Our beautiful king size bed is now unzipped and F and I are in our respective halves facing each other either side of the room. It works well as we can see each other to talk if need be. It's a bit like being away at school or college in a dorm. F has bed rails to keep him in and help to get out. All great and cosy. That is until the other night I heard a strange noise. Switched on light to find humungous bat flying round and round. F raised his head asking what's wrong as I am making my way out of bed wondering what I'm going to do next. The bat suddenly went up to top corner and dive bombed F. There was suddenly a lot of flapping as F ducked his head under the duvet. Well I've had some tears but these were with hilarity. I found the now very tiny bat sat on the pillow. Very gently it was put out of the window. We laughed so much. Little pleasures make such joy.

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  • I like all wildlife......but not in my bedroom. I may have laughed afterwards but definitely not at the time. I freak out if a moth comes in the bedroom but will pick them up outside. I'm pleased he didn't come to any harm though, the bat or the dive bombed F.

    Sleep well tonight.


  • Oh my god I would of died , I hate bats, I would of run out the house and left George there, I remember when we went on holiday to Greece , to see my sister. There were loads of bats, I remember walk down the road, with a shawl on my head, I just don't like them.

    Glad you could laugh about it. Yvonne xxxx.

  • Oh from frogs to bats ...I l;ove them all

    Dad (Bruce) and kids would play badmitten in the summer evenings....the bats would sort of chase the birdie....though we knew bats were on a mission.....DINNER.....and the bugs were plenty!!!!

  • A comical image. We were in The Dales a few years ago, as we stood by the river I heard a sqeak which moved when Ben moved. He lifted up his arm to check it out and there hung a bat. Very funny at the time. Xx

  • What a shock I love bats in the right place ie outside, but inside especially the bedroom is things that nightmares are made from. Glad you were able to laugh at end.

  • Once had a whole bedroom full!!! Freaking out was a slight underestimate of my behaviour! We had to spend the next hour catching them with towels and releasing them. Thankfully, because of the light they were pretty docile, so easy to pick up! This was in South Africa. Have always checked out the cottages, that we were staying in, since, for their tell, tell signs!!!! Love them, in their normal habitat, but indoors? Forget it!!!

    Lots of love


  • ugh

    bats are mice with wings are they not

    and i have a phobia about mice and rats

    so best teft well alone in their rightful place (not in the bedroom)

    ]lol jill

    hugs `and xx to you all

  • Oh my gosh! LOL

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