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Lyme Regis Here we come!!!!!!!

Off to Lyme for a week while they do the wet room . I think it would have been slightly easier organising a three month expedition to The South Pole than getting V packed up and ready to go - how do you all do it ? I am ready for bed and we haven't even left yet ! Still aghange of scene will do us both good I think . Haven't quite worked out how we manage the stairs yet - wish us luck !


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yes good luck george

at least you know what it will be like when u get there

lol JIll



Good luck, Georgepa and Veronica, you are both enviably intrepid!

Georgepa, your many fans look forward to another "painting in words" from the coast.


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Yes, the change may be very good for you both. Maybe Veronica might get some relief from her worries about burglars? I wish you a lovely restful time, Georgepa. I'm sure you deserve it, I also second Christpher's hope for another word painting. It's as good as a vacation for me to read your descriptions, so please excuse a little greediness on my part. Good luck on your travels. Peace, Easterncedar


I hope you both have a wonderful time and are pleased with the wet room when you return. I also hope you feel you are getting a holiday and don't feel you need one when you get back. Relax and enjoy.



Change is as good as a rest........mmmmmmmmmmmm maybe


I'm sure it will be worth it. The word holiday takes on a new meaning, doesn't it ?

There are times when I think "why am I doing this ?" but the thought of being trapped spurs me on. And it is always worth it to have a change of scenery and contacts. Not necessarily relaxing though. When our children were young and we were camping in France I used to get the same feeling as I wrestled with a camp stove !!

Have a great time and share your experiences.

Jean x


Remember it well! Still think dealing with two miserable brats, was easier than coping with S, when he gets in a certain mood!!!!

Lots of love



You're right.! I always had some degree of control with the children.

C. is just a wild card.

love, Jean x


If V is able to walk, get a Skil Care belt. You can find them at wheel chair and accessories stores. Its amazing how control the caregiver has when the patient wears this. Even up and down stairs! I don't know about the UK but the US mandates ramps for public places! good luck AVB


Can barely walk a few steps-needs support and very prone to falling but thanks for the advice


Thinking of you both I am just down the road in Symondsbury, here if you need any help 01308423276


Thanks so much Flicka - if you are passing 2Library cottage on the sea front come and say hallo .


That is SO SO strange, my father was at prep school in Lyme lived miles away, but every summer they took Library cottage for the summer. Would love to see you if that was o.k.. Can I just arrive? Will Veronica be happy with that? Sorry about the weather!!


Good luck Georgepa,After your pretty hedgerow we too went out for a drive here in Somerset,lots and lots of wild garlic and bluebells well worth the trip.Nine days since chemo for me and I am restored to my former self.Des is so anxious on chemo days I believe he suffers most he feels he should be there with me, not sure a wobbly man and frame an asset on chemo ward tho'.Last session I was delayed because of lost blood samples and then had to wait for medications and then was in busy traffic I kept in touch on my mob.but Des was so anxious I came home to an ambulance he had a fall pacing up and down.No serious damage one of the paramedics had visited before and remembered it was PSP so Des did not have to explain the fall.He has such a tiny voice now he writes most things down for people.His note book at the end of the day makes for very funny reading!

Enjoy your change of scene I won't call it a holiday!P x


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