The Dreaded Hospital Bed has Arrived!

It has arrived and with it the dwindling days ahead. So much to do.

We are sleeping together in the living room. I'm on a twin sofa bed. Got the landscaping guys to come in and move the sofa downstairs. Last night was cold.

The bed wasn't electric so they will come again today to adjust. Never get things right the first time. Ugh.

I know now what looms ahead and I am sleepwalking through life. At loose ends and can't seem to focus on anything else.


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  • Not electric?! How's that gonna work then? X

  • We are switching it out. This is such a mess.

    Stay tuned. Tonight should be better with Triangle at top so he can turn.


  • Has it got an air mattress? I do hope so!! You can also ask DN's for sliding sheets. Sorry I can't remember are you in the uk? X

  • I hope it is better for both of you. Sending you a big hug. xxoo

  • New adjustments made to bed, better but still more tweeks. I call it camping out. Wierd sleeping in the living room next to the kitchen. Oh well.


  • That's the same as my mum n dad do now, it'll soon become the new normal x

  • I hear ya.....keep the faith friend.

  • They are good when they work properly, but to do that they have to be electric with an air mattress!

    Love....Pat xx

  • George has one, it is very good, we have an air mattress, good luck for tonight xxxxx

  • Hi

    Embrace it ! Still the saddest thing not sleeping in the same bed but we still cuddle up on cold afternoons, the bed pressure alternating is wired though,

    Agree with others has to be electric and air mattress.

    Julie xx

  • Ben has electric hospital bed since his fall and I sleep on folding bed in next room with door open. I must say it's a godsend to help him get up and down without me having to haul him. He also has a tall handrail to help him to roll on his side which is very helpful for him. Thank goodness for that and the electrics powered recline armchair, don't know what I would do without them.

    Love Kate xxx

  • We are waiting for our hospital bed to be delivered - should have been here 3 weeks ago. Nothing is ever simple. I know what you mean about the dwindling days but hopefully it will be a positive.

  • I have been putting it off buying a hospital bed but I do believe it's time. Seem to be a few love ones all about the same level in this bleeping disease on this web site .Hang in, I would like to say things are going to get better but we all know that's not true.

    Dee in BC




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