My husband has had stroke 5 years ago and my social life is at a standstill as he wets himself if he doesn't reach on time we have not been given any help till recently and he has been given convene sheaths with a bag .that was good but taking the convene sheath off was such a nightmare can anyone suggest a better way of solving my problem so I can have a bit of social life

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  • I have not had experience with a stroke nor the sheath, but I do know that you now have a new normal. Your social life is now centered around what your husband can tolerate. Remember to take him to the bathroom on a scheduled basis. If going out, take him to the bathroom before leaving and know where the bathroom is when you get there. Once you have est. a bathroom routine, going out will become a little easier. also look into a day nurse so that you can get things done or just go out and have fun.....good luck...


  • My husband wears a convene sheath. We remove the sheath with Great Bear Soft Skin medical adhesive remover spray, every morning before his shower. No problems. The convene provider sends them. The convene has been brilliant for us and we go out a lot when another problem he has is not too bad. He has ulcerative colitis so he is wearing a convene and a pad for his bowels. I have just put the 4th new pad on today. Later this afternoon we are going to a 40 th wedding anniversary celebration. My husband indicated he wants to go so as it's half an hour by car from home, if the pad needs changing, we will come home. I take a Comfort fabric softener bottle with me in case the convene bag needs emptying. As the bottle is not transparent, it is very discreet.

    If the bag isn't emptied before he urinates again, urine doesn't have anywhere to go so the pressure removes it from his body and we have had a couple of disasters but I would hate to think he couldn't wear one. Our social life keeps me sane...ish!


  • Hi NannaB. I am taking S to the Continence nurse next week, yet again! I am going to ask for a convene for him. Don't think it will be any good for him, but we will try. One question, where does the bag go? I am presuming, attached to the leg. S lives in shorts, no matter what the weather, always has. Will this be a problem?

    Hope you managed to get to the celebrations this afternoon!

    Lots of love


  • Hi Heady, C wears his bag on his lower leg, fitted into a fabric tube which is double layered so the convene bag is not next to his skin. There are different tube lengths though and he could have had one on his thigh instead. Brilliant for shorts wearers but difficult to empty in trousers. I hope S will be able to wear one as Cs has solved many problems, then main one being, when he could get out of bed alone, he no longer had to if he wanted to urinate. He soon got used to just going. No more wet bedroom carpets or wet trails to the bathroom.

    We have just returned from the party and fortunately it stopped raining and the sun came out as it was a BBQ. I fed C before we went but he was able to eat several puddings.

    I hope the meeting with the nurse goes well next week.


  • Thanks NannaB, I'll let you know how we get on.

    Glad you had a good time. Nice to have a bit of adult time occasionally!!!

    Lots of love


  • hi nanna b you have a great time at the 40th anniversary mate and colin don't you play up today ok mate take care but please enjoy today see yer mates peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • sorry nanna b I have just read that you have already been;;;;;; glad colin got stuck into the puddings mate no moose calls though a colin theres a good lad see yer mate thumbs up or down mate take care see yer peter jones queensland Australia

    psp sufferer

  • Hi Peter Jones, how are you doing? Staying upright I hope. We had a good time yesterday but could have been a bit warmer. Can you send us some of your heat, not too much though. It is the first day of summer today. It's not raining at the moment but there is a cold wind and it is 15 degrees outside. We need warmth before 23rd as I am hosting the wine appreciation group and hope to sit outside. Colin is still having trouble with colitis. On Wednesday the doctor phoned me at giving me a choice. Admitting Colin to hospital to have drugs administered intravenously or upping his steroids to 40mg a day and seeing how it goes. I opted for number two. There has been a slight improvement since the higher dose but hoping for more soon.

    I think the moose mating season has ended as Colin hasn't made the noise for some time.

    Take care Peter Jones,

    Love Nanna B and Colin 👍👍

  • hi nanna b and colin hows it going ok I hope and not to much trouble with colins colitis I think you made a wise choice there nanna b in keeping colin out of hospital mate I think he will appreciate that wont you colin thumbs up matey and whats this no moose calls I don't know what we are going to do with you mate ;;;;;; well the sun is shining here but the temp has dropped down to 19 yesterday was 26 no wonder we feel cold mate you must have sent us over your weather

    everybody is rugging up for winter well nannab don't let them worry you over this pad business you are stronger than them mate well I think that's all my one finger can manage for now so I will shove off so see yer colin and nanna take care mates wont you peter jones queensland Australia I hope the sun shines for your gathering mrs ,nanna b quick one mate had another two falls yesterday but only a bit of skin off !!!!!! mate

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