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Hi everyone.

We're in year 5 since diagnosis now and hubby is having more and more problems with incontinence. We have gotten convene catheters that are finally letting us both sleep through the night (I was getting up 2 to 3 times a night as he was wet). Only problem now is that the convenes are so sticky that getting them off are difficult. I'm worried that the skin on his penis will become very irritated or, even worse, break the skin. Anyone have any tips in terms of how we can solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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  • I think the secret for us is just to peel off quickly , they are sticky but so far no skin problems.x

  • Thanks gypsywoman1947. The first part of the convene comes off easily but the middle and lower section is so sticky that I would really have to pull hard to get it off so im6not sure speed would help. Maybe I just have a really sticky brand. Which one do you use?

  • They are Conveen Optima by Coloplast . We start to roll it off at the head and pull So far it has been a godsend we mostly get U disturbed night now Ask the incontinence nurse about your problem , I have read of special removal crea m but we definitely wouldn't need it ourselves. Best wishes as you try to sort it.x

  • Thank you so much. I've Googled that make and I can get them in our country. Will call them I the morning. Thanks again!

  • We use a "prep wipe" supplied separately which makes s urface sticky before applying the convene.x

  • Ok, that's the big difference. The convenes we use are already sticky.

  • My husband uses the same brand and same results, although we have also tried Bard with similar results. Getting it off is not the issue. Getting it to stay on through the night is the challenge. We do not use the prep wipe. But I may try it to see if it will stay on better.

  • Yes the prep wipes make he surface area sticky, then place convene on, press around firmly and hopefully all is ok. We have had a few leaks , I can never see the reason for this but it's not even every week, on average it has happened about once in 3 weeks and on a couple of times we have been known to use 3 in the one night. Must stress the mishaps are rare. On the whole all has worked very well. X

  • We are supplied with a removal spray, although we haven't needed to use it. We use Great Bear and they supply a pre-wipe square and removal spray. It has given us [ me ] sleep at night.

  • Same here. My husband has a spray which removes it easily. However he uses the Optima by Coloplast. They have been very good.

  • I put a convene on my husband every day and as long as I wash and dry him properly he seems to be ok. Having said this his consultant seemed surprised that he wore them all the time. I was under the impression that if they were changed every 24 hours they'd be fine. Having said that sometimes it's 2 a day as they come off now and again. My hubby had prostate cancer before this evil so a bit more difficult to put on as there's less of him to put it on, if you know what I mean. Maybe too graphic. Sorry. Probably no help at all. Ask your doctor or i continence team. Good luck. Marie

  • My problem is that my husband takes it off if he wakes in the early hours and also his depends pants and wets the bed. At least I get a nights sleep. If I get there in time I stop him taking it off.

    The incontinence nurse said most men sleep handling their " bits ". He's 82 so a bit late to change his habits !!!


  • Sorry, I have just seen this post. My husband has a sticky convene, plus LBF no sting barrier spray and double sided adhesive tape under it. These keep his skin supple and the convene secure. To get it off, we use, Appeel No Sting Medical Adhesive Remover. I wash him with proper soap and water , and dry well, finishing off with a kitchen towel, before starting all over again. He wears them 24.7. Hope this is useful. Good. luck! X

  • Hi everyone.

    So, after receiving everyone's very helpful (as always!) input, I managed to find a Coldplay supplier here in South Africa. As luck would have it their offices are literally down the road from my office. I spoke to a lovely lady there who kindly arranged some samples for me. Yet another wonderful woman met me at the office and explained all the samples and how to use them, in some detail. They also have their own incontinence nurse that we can arrange to see. So, at the end of all of that, we have tried out some of the Coldplay self adhesive conveens over the weekend and they are absolutely great! No problems with removing them, as we had with the other brand we had. Such a relief! Thank you everyone. There is at least a successful outcome to this one challenge.

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