Head Restraint for wheelchair passenger in WAV

Does anyone know where to get a head restraint for the back of my husband's wheelchair whilst I drive him in our new WAV?

I have asked the NHS wheelchair service and they say that they do not supply a head restraint to go on the back of his wheelchair for transit! I cannot believe that Such a thing for travelling in WAV is not something that they deem important for safety. it is probably against the law not to have head restraints in other passenger seats because of the danger of whiplash in case of an accident!

Maybe the word HEAD RESTRAINT is the wrong word.

Anyway, does anyone have any answers

Many thanks


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  • In the absence of a suitable head restraint (which perhaps depends upon the particular wheelchair your husband has), I wonder if you have considered one of the neck cushions that people use when taking long flights. My sister uses one for her husband to keep his head upright. Regards. Melvyn

  • Thanks Melvyn, I will buy one of those although my husband's head doesn't fall forward at present, I just thought there must be something to attach to the back of his NHS wheelchair in case of whiplash injury, as every other passenger seat in a car has.I can remember safety campaigns in the past informing us of the merits of head restraints in cars. It baffles me how these aren't easily available from any company selling wheelchairs!

    Thanks for your input,Melvyn


  • Go to your OT, they might be able to help. Mention in passing, the Health and Safety and Safe Guarding words!!! The SG words in their language, are the worst swear words, that have ever been invented!!! They just HAVE to react!!!

    Lots of love


  • Hi again Heady,

    I have just got in touch with the wheelchair service again and they said that they don't supply head restraints for wheelchairs because it is not the law to have to use one in a car!!!!

    D x

  • Thanks Heady, I was thinking about contacting the OT so I just did.

    They said that they were astonished that I couldn't have one supplied by the wheelchair services but didn't know where else I should try and that maybe I should ask the PSPA. The wheelchair service weren't too helpful, I am waiting for them to ring me back with suppliers if I want to purchase one.

    I can't really believe that a head restraint for a wheelchair passenger isn't the law!

    Thanks Heady take care

    Denise x

  • Another thought, try Department of Transport, ask them what the law is!

    Lots of love


  • Our OT put us in touch with REMAP they are engineers who adapt on behalf of our OT and physio.I believe they are a charitable organisation. We have just had our boat fitted with special handrail by them. You just make a donation

  • Yes, I agree, get in touch with the PSPA!

    Lots of love


  • My mum had a head rest fitted to her NHS wheelchair, when her head started to fall backwards. The head rest was also very good when we used to take mum in the 'ice cream van' (our name for the Community Transport car we hired for holidays).

    We got this through the wheelchair service/OT assessment.

    Good luck


  • Thanks Chris,

    Take care


  • Have you tried Craigs List or other sites like that ...you can find virtually anything and for a lot less than manufacturer.


  • I have never heard of Craig's list! I will definitely look it up...many thanks for that abirke


  • oh it may be just an American thing. It's a site where people can get on and sell there wares. It's like a yard sale on the internet!

  • Hi.

    Yesterday we picked up our new wheelchair from the nhs wheelchair service and they asked us if we wanted a headrest. The wheel chair we have can be fitted with one. I would go back to them.

  • i got a pice of velcro put it around the back over his forhead it worked

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