Anyone in need of a WAV (wheelchair access vehicle

Anyone in need of a WAV (wheelchair access vehicle

I am getting rid of our ( my ) Fiat Doblo 1.9 Multijet Diesel 2006 ( if that means anything to anyone . ) It has a ramp and a winch ( for heavy chairs or mobility scooters ) . It has been recently serviced , has a new clutch and is Mot'd until March 2017 . There are just over 100000 miles on the clock . It has a few foibles - when the engine is cold it smokes a bit if you put your foot down in second , but I have had it checked out and there isn't a problem and it sailed through the emissions test for the MOT and shutting the tailgate is a knack but easy to master!

I have put it up for sale for £1600 but if someone here has a need I would be happy with £1200 and as I know myself it can be expensive dealing with the needs of PSP so I would be happy for that to be paid in instalments over two years if that would help .

I would also be happy to deliver it to your home as long as you get me a train ticket home and drop me off at a station .If anyone is interested message me .


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  • Bless you Georgepa I hope someone is interested? How are you and dear Kate doing? X

  • Well I have bad days and worse days . Kate has had her 11year old stepson staying with her over from Spain which hasn't really allowed her to do what she needs to do , so it has been difficult for her and she really needs time for herself . Bur I guess we will both get there in the end .

  • Bless you both, slowly slowly for you both! Much love x

  • That's so generous of you. I hope someone does take up your offer.

  • George how lovely of you feel like saying I want it just to meet you, I hope you manage to find someone to buy it. George you and Kate are amazing people, even though we have never meet, I can feel it. Yvonne xxxx

  • Wow! What a brilliant offer. I hope those who are not at that stage, think of the future and are prepared when it comes. An offer not to be missed.

    So much to do at this time Georgepa. I'm in very hot Canada (34) but still thinking of you.


  • Hello there,

    I am interested but I need to speak to my mother who has psp as she would be funding it. It's really hard getting her into and out of a normal car and this may be the answer as things are only going to get harder.

    Where would you be coming from G?


  • Carrie -as you can see there has been another person interested but as you were the first to respond you have first option but I would be grateful if you could speak to your mother and let me know as soon as possible - Thanks

  • Hi

    Thank you for being so fair.

    Mum isn't sure so please let gadgetgeek have dibs.

    All the best

    Carrie x

  • I live in Devon near Exeter. When my wife was in the earlier stages of PSP she progressively found getting in and out of cars more difficult . I changed car twice but realised the inevitable would happen so I bought the WAV before we needed it and at first she sat in the passenger seat but quite suddenly she lost all mobility and I was pleased that we had thought ahead and were prepared . You are absolutely right to think ahead as things do get harder and often with little warning .

  • Georgepa I am seriously interested

  • Hi you will see that someone else responded before you and you can see my replies . If nothing comes of it I will get back to you straight away .

  • Hi George,

    I saw this yesterday and have thought about it all day, wishing I had seen it first, by the time I saw it Carrie had already replied. Then I thought I would say 'if that doesn't work out, please contact me'. Now I see you have already a second in line, however please think of me as 3rd in line ( or 2nd as Carrie has dropped out ). It would be for my sister and I to help our parents get out more easily, my Mum (PSP) is struggling with transferring more and more, then my dad (MS) ,who has been a wheelchair user for longer, is also struggling. So even if we had to do two repeat journeys, we will still be able to get them out and about.

    Thank you


  • I will keep you in mind as Gadgetgeek is still following it up but nothing definite yet .

  • Geogepa could I please be 4th (I think?!) in the queue?! We are finding it really hard to get my Mum into and out of the car...

  • Sorry, Gadgetgeek has taken up the offer and car duly delivered . Try a site called Preloved or another call gumtree .

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