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Went to mobility show yesterday with his nibs and sis in law, what a fruitful day! Seriously having to consider WAV car and powered wheelchair as pushing manual wheelchair becoming extremely difficult , read about detachable power packs , amazing bit of kit! At the show able to try out and boy what a difference, it means now we can (me) walk from home and not worry about getting into difficulties.

Also thought sod the money and bought a new wheelchair, soooo much lighter and comfi, I know it's not going to last for ever but it has brought a bit of sunshine back,

If you get the chance to get to one of these shows well worth a visit,


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  • Absolutely brilliant Julie! Thx you for sharing x

  • Julie thank you brilliant going to think about it xxxx

  • Our OT provided a powerpack twin wheeled TGA for free. The mobility centre (who also provided the chair) fitted it .So ask your OT for one .

  • I did and she said no! Bizarrely they provided the chair about three years ago saying they could not provide anything for outdoor use, at the time we did not need it around the house, so she winked and smiled and said of course you do! So I kind of think we were lucky to get the chair, saying that I am pleased you managed to get the power pack, does it work for you guys?


  • Yes it is brilliant but get the most powerful one you can and if I were you I would go back to your OT and say that things are worse and without one your partner will not be able to go outside . Surely they can't have different NHS rules for different areas .

  • My dad was only entitled to a manual and he had to pay towards that too. No electric or power pack allowed here (we're in Staffs). It would make a huge difference to us, as neither myself or mum can push him anywhere but the shortest of distances and therefore he doesn't go out. Will ask OT this week - thank you for pointing that out

  • If you can't get one and it would make a huge difference for you and your Mum you can have the one I bought - just send me your address and I will box it up and send it up to you if your OT won't play ball

  • Wow, that is such a lovely offer - thank you so much. Will ask OT as she's coming out this week. You're so kind x

  • Can you give the internet addresses of the suppliers or the commercial names of the devices? Thanks

  • TGA MOBILITY i am sure if you just put it into google it will be enough.

  • Just google power packs for wheel chairs . I started with a twin wheeled Roma which was OK and I would be happy to pass on . Our mobility centre gave us a TGA more expensive but better on hills .It will go two or three miles on one charge . Before buying one check with the company about fitting as the fittings for attaching depend on the make of chair you have .

  • We have TGA power pack which is a huge help it really does take the weight of the chair and hubby I have back injury so struggle to push. My GP wrote a letter of support to the wheelchair service.

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