Warm, sleeveless,cape for husband to wear in wheelchair. Any ideas?

Hi all

I have been looking on the Internet for something warm for my husband to wear in his wheelchair. I am finding it increasingly difficult to put a jacket on him and was looking for a warm cape or poncho for him to wear instead.

It would help them at the hospice because they can never put his jacket on and send him home with his jacket on back to front!

On the Internet, they all look the same, made of nylon or waterproof material so designed for rainy weather but not the cold.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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  • Ponchos are in fashion for females at the moment. I just got Mum a warm one from Asda last week as having same problems with jackets. Not sure if there are some around for men also in the shops at moment.

  • There are some lovely ponchos or capes for women in the shops and on line but nothing for men!....maybe a deer stalking jacket, what do you think? I might have to go up to Scotland to find one though!


  • You could try these


    Or I have one, second-hand of course, but you are welcome to have it. It's green. If you pm me your address I could send it.


  • Thanks Vicki, that's really kind but I have looked on the web site and like the look of a lovely blue one with a hood.

    It does ask if I want one with ears, I thought about it for a few seconds but no, I didn't tick that box!

    It did make me smile, imagining my husband wearing one with ears on!

    Thanks again for your offer though.


  • I have bought, like a mini sleeping bag for S. Not what you are looking for, but lovely and warm. Everyone has mentioned ponchos for women, as long as you get a big size and decent colour, can't see any thing wrong with that! Perhaps, it might be a good idea, not to tell him though!!!

    Lots of love


  • I know what you mean, Heady. A lovely blue or black one maybe but I would know and be wondering if anyone else had noticed that it is a woman's poncho!

    I may get one for myself though.

    Thanks for the idea


  • Ponchos don't care who is wearing them, and there are no buttons to give any hints! I was going to suggest that there are lots of lovely warm capes out there...and what fashion police would go after your guy for wearing one?! Love the idea of ears, too...have some fun! Love, ec

  • Where is your mini sleeping bag from? That sounds like a great thing too

  • From the local disabled shop. You put it on to the chair, sit said person on it, then there is a zip that pulls it all together. Waterproof as well. As it mostly our lower parts of the body that feels the cold the worst, I felt it money well spent. Not that we have used it much.

    Lots of love


  • Thanks will look for one of those.

  • That sounds like a good idea, I'd been wondering if there was something available along those lines, with winter around the corner

    Debbie xx

  • I bought a fleece wheelchair poncho cape thing. Got in our local mobility shop. I also got a 3 in one cape with sleeves it came with a fleece and a waterproof one to go over the top of fleece. I think I found out about them by googlin wheelchair coat. Jane xx

  • Thanks Jane, I've google everything else but not wheelchair coat!


  • Ponchos are a bit unisex, unless you get a bright pink one, so if you get a dark one who would know besides yourself. And anyway if it keeps your hubby warm and is easier to put on then go for it. Marie

  • You are right, Marie. I will start looking.

    Thanks X

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