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What WAV Vehicle should I buy?

Hi I'm new to the forum and definitely floundering - my husband aged 80 has finally been diagnosed with PSP following many falls, broken limbs, shakes etc. He is now largely comfined to a wheelchair and can only walk a few steps with a frame.My priority is to get him out and about while he can and am looking to get a WAV vehicle and would really appreciate any advice/help from anyone who has one or could recommend a particular make or warn me of any pitfalls!

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Hi Susan

I guess your not in the UK?

If you are, I think I am right in that Motability do all of this...

Anyway - I know nothing about this area,but Motability seem to have reviews here:

I do hope this helps a little.

But you probably knew all that anyway.




I'm afraid Motability does not apply to anyone over sixty-five. So there is no financial help available for buying a WAV if the person with the disability is older than that. There are quite a lot of specialist dealers and they are usually helpful and will deliver one to your home for you to try. They're not cheap though and it is less expensive to buy privately. Maybe start by doing a Google search for specialist dealers in your area.

Vicki x

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Hi Vicki

Thanks for putting me right.

I was worried there would be no response.

Adding there are vehicle reviews there too... Though their selection will probably be limited.




Thanks for your help. My task for the day - among others! - will be to contact some specialist dealers as you suggest - definitely hoping to buy second hand as new ones seem very expensive. Sue x


I am in the same situation don't know what kind would be best.


Hi. We bought a used Peugeot Partner. With ramp and electric winch. Not too big, but plenty big enough. Billy had a powered wheelchair, and as they are somewhat larger and heavier than a manual one, we found the Peugeot great. Pity you're not in Ireland, as I'm selling it as unfortunately, I lost him at xmas. Would definately recommend the Peugeot tho.

Hope you find a suitable car. Regards Beverley


Hello Susan. I just wrote you a long reply which annoyingly seems to have disappeared completely when I tried to add a link to a website all about WAVs! Anyway, the gist of it was that we had a VW Caddy which was pretty good and meant that I could get my husband out and about and he could continue to go to the hospice day centre and to visit our children and National Trust gardens etc.. Ours had a manually operated ramp which I could just about deal with but you may want to look into one with an electric ramp if you would find the manual one too heavy.

Not sure if this link will work but this may give you an idea of what is available (although it is not a recommendation as I have not dealt with these people myself)

Hope you find what you need.


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Hi Susan, I bought my WAV a Renault Kangoo with manual rear ramp. I totally agree with Vicki about considering getting a powered ramp. Consider trying the driving position for yourself make sure you have a comfortable position and large enough side mirrors as when he is in the car, the rear mirror is blocked. The company I used is in Ruthin, North Wales web site is www. they do bring a vehicle to you before you buy, they are all 2nd hand ex-Motorbility vehicles.

Good luck. Tim


Hi, I bought a second hand Peugeot Teepee through the dealers. It did have a powered ramp, which was great. Did seem strange having Steve in the back. Couldn't natter away to him, as he couldn't hear me from there. It was fine to drive, although noisy and rattley, especially without him in it. The main problem, they are expensive to buy, very few around, but when trading them in, for some reason, nobody wants them, so you lose money. But in saying that, money well spent, having one, was the best thing I could have done. Meant we could still get out and about.

Lots of love




I am in exactly the same position. Spoke to wheelchair service recommended we go to mobility show at Kenilworth 1-3 June 2017, free entry and parking. You can test drive if you print off stuff they send you, I am considering leasing better option I think .

Maybe see you there !



I have a Fiat Doblo for my wife - it has ramp and electric winch to pull up a chair if the chair has no motor or you can't manage to push it .The ramp isn't steep and pushing a chair up is not difficult . I hate to say this but I suspect ours will be for sale in maybe less than a month as my wife is so frail now I can't really take her out any more .I bought ours second hand it is all mot'd and I won't be looking for a fortune as I would rather it went on and helped someone who is struggling with this illness as we have struggled .

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I was wondering how you were doing, George. We have spring at last. I'm hoping to be able to get us to a choral concert tomorrow, our first outing since I got him home at Easter. So far I have been able to transfer between chairs and bed. The car will be trickier. I hope we don't end up a spectacle in the driveway.

Peace, ec


I am trying to sell my fiat Doblo, if that is any help to anyone, 2011 plate, I bought it second hand from a dealer 6 months ago, still has 6 months warranty.

Debbie x


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