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Does anyone else have issues with brushing teeth. We are finding it difficult, as soon as anything is placed in mums mouth she bites it. Also mum finds it hard to spit or gargle.

We've also spoken to the district nurse and she advised using these lollipop looking things with a sponge top that they used in the hospital to cleanse mums mouth (she will still bite them).

Do dentists pay home visits?

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  • Hi,

    My husband does exactly that. He bites the toothbrush...isn't it infuriating!

    I try to get him to open his mouth and say Arrrrrrrh for the back teeth or Cheese, when I am trying to clean his front teeth but he only does it for a second and then back to biting!!

    I was thinking of getting his teeth cleaned by the hygienist more often than when he visits for a check up.....goodness knows how the dentist gets on with trying to look into his mouth!!


  • Thanks for the reply. I will try anything v

  • Roisin had the same problems, in fact she gave up trying to spit or gargle at least two years before she died - because of her fears about swallowing badly - although she could still rinse her mouth with water and expel it gently into a small kidney shaped bowl held close to her chin.

    I could clean only the front of her teeth, using an adult brush first and then a child's brush to try to get to the back of her teeth but she always kept them clenched. We tried the "lollipops" but after a while she would only use them for the front of her teeth. Then we used Fungizone, a pink liquid that she swilled around at the back of her mouth to cleanse the teeth and the roof of her mouth of bacteria. Often she would swallow rather than eject it but it did no harm.

    When Roisin died her bottom teeth were badly "corroded" and discoloured. I was told this was because of the combination of excess saliva lying at the front of her mouth and inability to clean her teeth properly. But at least she never had a gum or touth infection which could have been very painful and distressing.

    I hope this helps.


  • Christopher thank you so much for your response and advice

  • My husband also bites the brush but we now use an electric one and he doesn't bite that as much. My dentist said they don't do home visits any more. When Colin had tooth ache he was referred to a specialist in a hospital. It was brilliant as I wheeled the electric wheelchair onto a platform and the whole thing tilted. I must say the whole thing was a bit brutal as the dentist had to take out a wisdom tooth. Injecting him wasn't easy as you can probably imagine but once his mouth was forced open, the tooth was out in seconds. The dentist said he could go there for checkups in future and he would write to ours to tell him. That is a great relief as our dentist is not accessible now we have the electric chair.


  • I know what you mean. I sometimes just bribe him with ice cream (sort of defeats the whole thing). But most of the time I let it go. So many other things are a problem that the teeth are at the bottom of the list for me. I just surrender to it.

  • You're so right and your message made me smile (ice cream!!)

  • You can have the dentist order a wedge for the mouth. Also, as with G, the dentist had a syringe that is curved, no needles,that I use for rinsing good luck!

  • Dental hygiene is VERY important. If not done properly the patient can get Thrush which is difficult to get to go away. My sweet wife realized early on that she didn't have the coordination to brush well and let me begin to brush her teeth. We used an electric tooth brush. Didn't have any mouth issues. Jimbo





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