Saliva Suction Machine

Well Aunt Bevs machine like the dintest has to suck out the saliva in your mouth works great its gross to clean out but it sure gets the stick saliva that she chokes on out of the back of her mouth she likes it, it has a nosel at the end that reaches way back and grabs the shit out , Thank God because it would scare the heck out of me when she would choke on her on saliva.

lots of hugs


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  • I quite agree with the cleaning bit UGH! Does Bev bite the tube? I was told not to put it past Cs teeth as it could break his teeth if he clamps down on it, or break the tube. On one particularly sticky day, his mouth was wide open so I reached further in and he did clamp down hard, breaking the end off. I didn't want to admit to the district nurse that I had ignored what she said, so ordered 2 new tubes from the Internet. He has clamped down on it since when I was trying very hard to keep it this side of his teeth but hasn't broken any more tubes. He has learnt to push most stuff into his cheek so I can collect it from there.

    Noisy things aren't they?


  • Don't feel bad, in her session with a speech path my student bit off the head of a plastic spoon...not even as durable as the hose, i'm sure! And it was a horror to get the thing out. Speech path even told us to use a special spoon (she could eat) or something.....Oh well you learn!


  • That's made me smile, and feel better about our incident.



  • no nanna she likes to do the sucktion her self and when I say she sticks it back there I mean the long thing disapears bet she was a hoot in her younger days LOL

  • That's brilliant she can do it herself. C took hold of it once so I thought he could do it but he clamped his teeth together, not breaking it that time, so I do it now.


  • Hi Kryste - cleaning the suction machine is totally gross and I have a very strong gag reflux so I was always almost throwing up every time I cleaned it. My dad and I would just laugh because I got that stupid reflux from him!

  • My Aunt Bevs gets a real kick out of me gaging I think I will put duck tape around it so I can not see in side Its good to hear her laugh though usally at my expense.

    hugs Kryste

  • I put one of those blue plastic overshoes the carers wear when showering C, over the tub bit so visitors can't see the contents either. The elastic keeps it on. Not a perfect fit but it hides the gunk.


  • Instead of using the hard plastic yonker, you might get a NT suction tube, with is just a thin rubber tube about a foot long and has the ability to attach to the suction hose. NT stands for Nose Throat. They actually use it to run it up your nose and slowly get it down your throat and into the airway. My wife had it done twice while in the hospital. Once they were successful in getting it in and the other time it wasn't and went into the esophagus. Both times it was extremely painful for her and one of the few times she's grimaced and fought back. But she had no problem with me using it in her mouth. You can easily get it further back towards her tonsils. And she can bite down on it all she wants. And she does!


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