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mum in so much pain with her arms :(

hi everyone ,mum strated complaing on her right arm being sore few months ago she said not sore to touch just when she moves ie now her left arm is the exact same and now i have to help her eat her food as her left arm also statrs to shake she is on pain killers and i am waiting on physio geting back to me i have now left 2 phone messages i just feel so helpless she is near to tears when she is moved or getting dressed and undressed i spoke to my mums nurse at the hospital and she says this is part of the illness as the muscles can stiffen up due to lack of movement and mum spends alot of time in her bed sleeping or just laying down as she is comforatable that way i keep positive for her and never show her how am felling but in my head i shout why is this happening to my wee mum she has never harmed a fly its awfull to watch as i am sure you are all in same boat x

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hi curlly,

sorry to here your mum is getting a lot of pain in her arms

i also get a lot of stiffness and pain in my arms ive got cbd

and physio dosent make any diffence to the pain so my

physio sends me for hydro therapy which realy helps when

ive had it for a few times i can swing my arms about with out

any pain or stiffness, there are a lot of hospitals that havent

got a hydro pool i dont know where your from but im in essex

and i go to colchester hospital, good luck with the physio and

i hope your mum soon feels better,



hi ray i am in glasgow , i phoned mums doctor this morning to see if they can give her a stronger pain killer to see if that helps i am just waiting on her phoning me x


hi curlly,

good luck and if you get the chance to get

hydro take it x


hi , i am so sorry for your mother pain ,. i thing that the only salotion to this is exercise.

iknow that it work for me/

all the best israel


Hi Curly

So sorry to hear about your mum's pain. I hope you are able to find something that will give her relief soon. Please pass on our best wishes to her and try to stay strong. As we all know, it is so distressing to see our loved ones with this cruel illness and knowing your mum is suffering pain too, must be awful for you. We all feel helpless at times and just wish we could make it go away, but sadly PSP won't go away until someone is able to find a cure. Hopefully, sooner rather than later for everyone's sake.

Thankfully my hubby, Tony, has no pain, but watching him deteriorate in other ways and knowing that I can't do anything about it is destroying me, just like it does other carers. Please God, one day a cure will be found.

Take care..................SuzieQ xx


hi suzie the doc gave mum diff pain killers and they seem to be helping her thank goodness hate seeing her in pain x she can hardlly walk now she just kinda scuffs her feet so like u hope to god a cure is found one day x


Hi Curlly,

If the pain is caused by muscle spasm your GP should be able to give your Mum something to reduce spasm. One of the common drugs for this is Baclofen. Hydrotherapy may help as Ray suggested and the physio should be able to teach you some gentle stretches which also might help. I suggest you keep "pestering" them for an appointment!!

I hope you manage to find a solution soon.

Love to you and your Mum

Kathy x


thanks kathy my mum is on new medication and seems to be helping i will phone physio again on monday !! x


Hi Kathy

If your mum is experiencing pain from muscle spasms and they are affecting only her arm then the doctor or the neurologist might also consider botox injections into the affected muscle group which could relieve the spasms for up to 3 months before needing to be repeated. Frequently though muscle spasms in the arms can be from refered pain from stiffness in the neck region. This either refers down to the arms or can go upward into the back of the head causing headaches. Make sure your mums head is well supported, that her position is changed frequently to prevent her getting stiff and her shoulders are kept warm with a blanket or bed jacket etc. It might also be relevent to have word with the physio and OT to see if a soft collar for the neck could also help your mum.


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