Amusing day!

Went over to mum's yesterday to care for her and was shocked by how sleepy she was. Couldn't keep her eyes open. Was starting to really worry thinking infection etc. Trying to get her to drink fluid but worried she would choke. Rang dad in a panic. He just laughed explained that they had been out with friends the night before and mum didn't get to bed til 1am. My beautiful cbd suffering mum had a hangover!! On checking in today she's back to normal and although she may not remember I know she had a great night. That makes me smile through my tears x

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  • Hi, yes. Just because our loved ones have this evil disease, doesn't mean they can't have fun, who cares if they can't remember, as long as they enjoyed the moment!!!

    Lots of love




  • May there be many more nights out with friends and I'm sure she will remember the good bits. Good to hear she can still enjoy herself.


  • Nice to read this post. Made me smile,


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