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My sister 81 has had PSP for about 5 years can't walk or feed herself doubly incontinent and eyes closed most of the time, so difficult with no communication but I told her it was my birthday soon and I asked her when is my birthday? I said November the- - and she said 23 rd!! Which was exactly right so just proves she still knows what we are saying to her but can't join in or communicate! I am finding it so so hard.

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  • Hi Nannygoon, thinking of you!

    Sending you much love and hugs


  • Thankyou for your reply it helps to share the load.

  • Thankyou for your reply it helps to share the load.

  • Hi nannygoon its awful isent it terrible disease. My dad has had Psp for about 6 years now he's like ur sister and he doesn't even get out of bed I go in most nights and he is always asleep but manages to wake up for about 5 mins then back to sleep he goes his mind is still there and thro it all still manages to smile. U think the worst part is he can't tell anyone when he's hungary or needs a drink the carers have made up a pitchers chart where he can point out what he wants but to be honest he hasn't got the energy to lift his hands now so sad. Well I hope every thing goes ok for u and I'm sending my love ❤️Glyder

  • Thank you so that that was helpful to take care.

  • Hello nannygoon

    We found the lack of communication the most difficult to deal with. None of the communication aids we tried, must have tried them all, worked. The best that I could do was to keep talking, telling hubby what I was doing, who phoned, what they said and so on. Sorry I can't be of any more help. Always remember that your sister is there, mind intact body stopped responding.

    Love and hugs, maddy

  • Thank you will take your advice take care.

  • I find that physical contact is the best communicator. My husband cannot understand my words and gets very confused but if I kiss him or hold his hand he responds. Also the sudden clarity, remembering something, going in and out of good seconds is always startling and somewhat painful to watch.


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  • Yes I think you are right, Rose likes to hold my hand and she stretches out and touches my face without a word. I was advised by the parkinsons nurse to get some nice hand cream and massage her hands, so I am going to give that a try. Thanks again take care.

  • Good Luck


  • Hi thinking of you it's very hard when you are caring for someone you love

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