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Treatment for Parkinson PSP

I am looking to find a cure for Parkinson PSP.

My mother has been affected with parkinson PSP since last 18 months .

Her condition is deteriorating rapidly.

I am sharing the medical reports and short video of my mother .

Since last one and 1/2 year we are giving the following medicine.

1. Glavusmet 50/100 mg : Twice a day after food

2. Vogilator MF 0.3 / 500 mg : Before Lunch

3. Lantus injection @ Bedtime

4. Ecospirin AV 75 mg @ After Dinner

5. Syndopa Plus 125 Mg : 4 Tablets Daily

6. Syndopa CR 250 Mg : After Dinner

7. Rasalect 0.5 mg

8. Physiotherapy

One of the patients have shared the information that Amantadine is helpful .

May kindly advice .

thanking you .

with best regards .

Siddharth Roychowdhury

Calcutta , INDIA

+91 9883225454

2 Replies

hi sidhearth well mate I am very sorry to tell you this but there is no cure for psp not at the moment anyway if you find a cure perhaps you would let us all know we would all be eternally grateful

every last one of us mate sorry I cannot help you with the cure peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer your dr or specialist would have told you this surely \\\\\\


Somehow I am unable to accept the fact that it has no cure. Lets find a cure . Let us meet on a google hangout to discuss ..


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