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for all psp pls have a look

My father has been diagnosed with psp 2 years ago and has been given medicines as all patients get basically for parkinson with good results in beginning and then steadily condition is worsening. I found this article on internet I want to share with everyone here which seems to be dealing with problems of PSP where it springs from. please have a look! I think one of the best article I have come across on PSP.

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Dear thakur03 - Thank you so much for bringing that link to our attention. I'd already implemented some of the supplements listed , in the care of my sister who was diagnosed with PSP a few years ago. She is 65 yo now . I will definitely add DMAE ( which I've also considered taking myself ) , will increase her dose of curcumin ( which I also take as recommended by my doctor, and will locate a source for Methylene Blue. The newsletter that you provided is the best comprehensive source for helpful supplements related to this form of neurodegenerative disease that I've encountered. Again, can't thank you enough and wish you and your Dad all the best in dealing with whatever lies ahead. Warm regards, Elise


Where do you buy all this?

Lots of love


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Hi Heady! I get the majority of our supplements from a company online : There are many such companies .

The so called ' Natural Foods ' stores carry a lot of these also.


Wow just read this and I am going to stock up on as many of these as possible and give them a try.. I will try absolutely anything even if it just helps the littlest bit.. It's for my mam who has just turned 60 and had PSP for 3 years xxx


Thank you for posting the link. Sadly too late for Mum, who is in final stages, but hope it will help others.


We had a lot of supplements, but now can't swallow very well and have dropped many. Some are so big.


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