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Brian was taken to colchester hospital on Saturday he was complaining that his chest hurt. Me trying not to panic phoning for an ambulance trying to find his pulse and pack a bag all at the same time.

The ambulance crew who had been before (on monday) knew a lot about psp because they had researched it after visiting before so they was understanding.

Gets to A&E me thinking that I've got to explain all about it and to my surprise and delight no explanation needed. The same thing with the ward doctor and nurses. The doctor even grabbed some other doctors to come look at Brian so she could show them typical signs of PSP. How good was that.

It turns out that it wasn't a heart attack as I thought. He has asperated into his lungs and got a severe chest infection so he is being kept in for a few days on iv antibiotics. Janexx

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  • I 'm sorry Brian is in hospital and hope he recovers from the infection soon but it's so good to hear that the professionals are finding out about PSP. It must be reassuring to know they understand his illness. It's horrible when loved ones are in hospital and I hope you manage to get a bit of rest, ready to start again on Brian's return.

    Best wishes to you both.

    Nanna B

  • Sorry to hear about Brian,but glad the hospital is good.We have a physio who previously worked on a neuro ward in hospital and so had seen several cases of PSP such a help.She also has a sense of humour,Des finds humourless people hard work.I hope he is better soon, he will appreciate you when he gets home I am sure.Take care of yourself,P

  • Hi, hope Brian is on the mend, know what you mean about good professionals. I had a phone call from social services last week, trying to get some help in place. I asked the young lady on the phone, if she had heard of PSP, she replied, "well I hadnt, but I have just googled it before telephoning you!" It just lifted my heart. One less little thing to worry about! I wish the professionals knew how little a thing has to be to help a carer!

    Lots of love


  • Hello Jane I am very impressed, especially as Colchester Hospital has such a poor record. It proves that some staff really do care. I do hope that this standard of care continues fro you both. I always found the paramedics very caring and helpful down here in Folkestone. Some times the overnight stays in hospital left a lot to be desired. But that was nothing to do with knowledge of lack of knowledge about the disease, It was simply poor nursing care. Try to take care of yourself along the way wont you. All bet wishes

    Teena 2

  • Hi Jane hope Brian infection clears up soon. When Jim was In with infection we found the staff and doctors was more clued up too. Try and enjoy the rest. Denize x

  • Thank goodness he is all right, take this time to catch up on your rest. We caretakers need more of that.

  • Brilliant in away hope he is soon home

  • Hi Jane - good to hear the hospital is getting clued up, especially with the ageing poulation in your area.

    Tony's parent were in Holland (on Sea) so I know how far away it is for you. Hope you can get some rest in between the travelling. Surprising what one good night can do.

    Thinking of you,


  • Think the travelling has done me in hour and half each way. Two busses and if the one from the hospital is running late and I miss the connection its an hours wait for the next one. Wish i was old enough to have a bus pass because it costs £12 a day in fares. At least he comeing out tomorrow and the carers start tomorrow night. So its all come together. Had to laugh untill I agreed to carer's they were keeping him in untill he was mobile or at least able to stand and turn for transferring even though I've got a turn table at home that we use. Janexx

  • Best of luck when Brian comes out, and hope he's better for being at home.

    Take care!


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