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incontinence bowel + some bladder

II have some problems with

the the above - bowel worst - am in process of being checked by continence team at Royal Perth Hospital. - This after a wonderful wedding in Fremantle of my niece & her partner of several years everything was just beautiful - my sister + old family friend came over from New South Wales I was ok but feel I am progressing - have just got some help with personal care + domestic care starting next week Mary

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hi mary

good 4 you going to your nieces wedding and surviving ti

it is v difficult to go away when the incontinence problems are bad - my partner just does nto realise when w e r travelling that when i have to go i have to go!

so take the pad s they will offf eryou and wear them 24 / 7 as i do and it will give you a little peace of mind

lol Jill



Thanks Jill u are a 'brick' in this PSP world! Mary


Mary, Mary....

RPH - Excellent services for support you are starting or soon to receive! (I also speak highly of Bentley hospital) Hope you also find same...

Regards, Alana - Western Australia


Hi Sharon thanks for your reply I was not prepared for it to happen shook me up! wait to hear from RPH Regards


Marytea, My dear wife Sharyn had issues with constipation and we used suppositories for that. She never had "loose" bowel movements, quite the opposite. She did wear depends which we changed throughout the day. Mobility into the bathroom or even onto a mobile toilet became impossible near the last 6 months. Sounds like you are doing pretty good having attended the wedding. Stay strong. We are here for you. Jimbo


thinks Jim I am trying to set up care for myself has not started yet! next week Marytea


That's good you have got some help with personal care Marytea, it sounds like that will really help you. It will take a bit of getting used to at first, but you will be so glad you got the help. My friend has had a permanent catheter for the last year, but has recently gone the same way with his bowels. Having the extra personal care really has helped him a lot to still feel like himself. Keeping his dignity in tact is very important I feel, and so getting the appropriate extra caring when you need it will help to preserve that.


Thanks scotsgalls77 somehow I did not realise I would have these problems my PSP = atypical so anything can pop up I guess. marytea