Incredibly fast turn around!

This is particularly for NannaB or anyone it can help. On Good Friday my husband was stable and actually took communion from his Hospice Chaplain. Sunday was okay, too (remember, this is with all the limitations he already has). On Monday I met with his music therapist and we could not wake him up. By the next morning he was still unresponsive, had a high fever and labored breathing. His respirations have continued at about 45-50 per minute. Small amounts of morphine seemed to calm him down but made no change in the rate of respirations. He made it through the night which was amazing. But the end is obviously near.

We all know the end is coming but I never expected such a change virtually overnight. Perhaps his brain suffered another clot. We don't know. His body was so strong even though he could not walk or do anything for himself. This crazy, awful disease just has no common path. I pray for God's will because I know recovery is not possible and he has been trapped in a useless body for some time knowing what is happening to him. I just hope he can exit this life calmly and without distress.

NannaB, I know we were comparing the likeness of our husband's disease process. Who could have predicted the path Bill's took. I pray for you and your spouse and all those family members and patients struggling with this terrible disease..


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  • Oh Caroline, I'm so sorry your husband has declined so suddenly. It must be a shock, even though we know where this disease leads. I pray your husband is peaceful and pain free until he is released from PSP forever and also that you and your family stay strong and feel God's special love at this difficult time.

    Nanna B

  • Dear Caroline,

    Such a roller coaster ride ...My thoughts and prayers are with you.


    Alana - Western Australia

  • Dear Caroline, so sorry to hear this. My mum went suddenly like this too. With all her drastic ups and downs we never knew what was round the corner so it a took a lot of believing. I wish you well and hope things come to a peaceful conclusion. Hugs to you both, Dianne x

  • I can feel your pain,it's so sad,x

  • To you all I wish I could carry some of your pain. My sister died of PSP 19 years ago so I know a fraction of what you are going through. I send loving thoughts prayers and Hugs X

  • I hope for both your sakes Caroline & John that it will continue on a rapid decline & no lingering on.

  • Caroline...please look at it as being released from a terrible prison ,I know it is still terribly hard but he iwill be John again,not John with PSP,we pray for you both,Rollie

  • Thinking of you and yours with love, Catherine xx

  • Caroline

    my thoughts and prayers are with you

    and your husband

    hoping for no pain and peace


  • My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. We are going through a similar situation with my dad.

  • I feel so sad reading this. Yet another beautiful loved one taken from their family by the evil PSP. I hate PSP so much it took my dad away from me just like this, rapid decline, was totally unbelievable. Dad was so strong and yet he couldn't fight PSP's toll anymore. I pray God gives you and your family strength and courage to get through this. Xxx

  • Thoughts are with you Caroline lots of love xx

  • Prayers for you and the family!! Jimbo

  • I am so sorry I lost my husband to PSP and he to declined overnight and passed in two days but it was pain free and peacefully. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Caroline, my thoughts are with you, Bill and your family.

    Such a cruel disease.


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