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Fever at end of day


Dan has had a slight decline the past few days .Less alert, legs weaker during transfer, sometimes holding his food and not taking a bite and eyes that seem droopy. I was watching him closely as this has often been a prelude to illness.

Saturday night as I was leaving for a short time to see our son perform in a play at church, I kissed him and he had a fever. I gave him Ibuprofen and the fever went down. Sunday he had no fever all day, ate well and then the fever came back with a vengeance at night. I made sure he had a fair amount if liquid as I had been concerned about that. His breathing seems to be a little labored at times, but I don’t know if it’s much different then usual. He does not really aspirate or choke much yet, so I doubt that could be the cause. We have a nurse coming to do an assessment tomorrow. I just pray all is well until then. I would need to call an ambulance to get him medical care.

Any thoughts appreciated. Has anyone had experience with fever in PSP patients ? Fluid requirements ? Has anyone noticed their loved ones breathing change with PSP? Also, do PSP sufferers tend to get Urinary Track Infections. He does not have a catheter , but has still had a UTI. ?

This disease is starting to wear us down. Stress and anxiety are getting the best of me. Veterans coming tomorrow to see if they can help. I pray they can provide some relief.

As always , thanks for your help.😊

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In the “Search PSP Association“ box in the top right corner of this page, type in neurological blip and open up the first post “Seizure”.

This may help.


Karynleitner in reply to NannaB

Thanks. I’m doing as you suggested.

So sorry, Karyn ~ all the issues you have going on have been talked about on here more than once - they may be PSP related. Can you use the search option?

Will do, thanks.


My husband run a higher temperature in the evenings,psp persons have hard time regulating there temperature.another mystery thanks to these darn diseases.


Karynleitner in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much. I was unaware of this and it seems many doctors know little about PSP.

Katiebow in reply to Hidden

My husband also gets very hot and bothered in the evening and I have put the fan on him.

Love Kate xx

Thanks So much. I am in the ER now. I will give them this information too as most are not familiar with PSP.

Hope you don't have to hang around waiting for too long and the Drs find out the cause of fever. Love Nanny857xx

Karyn, Dan has been especially hit hard by this disease from all you have discribed in the past. Hope the doctors have some idea. Sounds like it could be an infection causing the fever.

Karynleitner in reply to Jeff166

Jeff, you are correct . He has a Urinary Track Infection . They are keeping him in the hospital for another day on IV antibiotics. The nursing staff was wonderful , but I feel bad leaving him there. He usually does not wake during the night, but I worry that he will wake and be afraid. The fact that he can’t communicate is awful.

I think of you Karyn and the tough time you are having. My days are now empty with Jim gone. But they will get busy now with settling the estate, etc. Friends are so helpful and try to keep me active. I pray that you can get through these long and hard days with Dan. Sending hugs and my thoughts are with you and your family. Joyce

Thanks so much. This disease is just awful. I cannot imagine all you are going through too. It is also sad to see the loss our children and grandchildren have already endured with the worst yet to come for us. I am anxious in the present, yet fear the future knowing it will be worse.

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