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Christmas Greetings

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas season, especially those of you who are facing the holidays without a loved one for the first time. I do hope memories of happier times give you comfort.

Mum has made it through another year though it has not been without it's difficulties. A persistent infection for one - she has been referred to a specialist but, because she has to be hoisted from wheelchair to bed, has been told that she can only attend the main clinic. The earliest appointment they have is the end of February! One memory from this year that I will treasure is the sight of Mum at my niece's wedding. She made such an effort and was more "present' during the service than we had seen her for quite some time before or since. I hope you all had a chance to make good memories this year and that 2014 will bring you opportunities to make more.


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Dear hmfsli,

Thanks for your my bride left the planet just before Christmas last year and unfortunately my most vivid and lingering memories are of her giving way to PSP millimetre by millimetre (to quote Lord Seb Coe) I'm getting away from it all and am flying down to Tunisia ,sun, thallaso & spa.

But please treasure those pleasant memories...and keep them locked into your heart for the coming year or years

'cos PSP sometimes has a nasty habit of erasing them.

But let's think positive!

With you all in mind, have a serene and calm festive season.

Best ,brian.


Greetings to you as we'll h. I hope 2014 is infection free for your mum. My darling husband of 42 years is still struggling with PSP. For the first time we will be alone on Christmas Day. Our sons have invited us to their houses but none are PSP friendly, steps to front door, toilets upstairs etc and all the boys are with their in laws this year. Dad has spent nearly every Christmas with us but sadly he died in October just before his 97th birthday. The boys are very concerned as my husband rarely speaks and they think I'll have a horrible Christmas. I, on the other hand , am looking forward to it. We'll get to our church, something we haven't been able to do on Christmas Day for years as dad couldn't cope with the noise, (too happy clappy for him). Colin can take as long as he needs to enjoy the Turkey dinner and although we love our grandchildren dearly, there is rarely a moment of quiet. I've been told Christmas is happening on 28th. There will be 12 of us. Apparently they are bringing all the food and I won't have to do anything.

2014 will bring challenges for everyone with PSP in the family but I pray God will give us all strength, patience and everything we need to carry on, as well as times of joy leaving good memories for the future.

Nanna B


Thanks for your greeting. We have a house full over Christmas so much help for me and a bit of a rest. Santa still visits though grandchildren range from 26 to 13 years. All will have a good sing at church on Christmas morning.Peter.


thank you for your good wishes = hoping you and mum enjoy the christmas season



Hi Hmfsli,

Thank you for your Christmas greetings. I too, wish all fellows carers a very happy and peaceful Christmas, let's all try and make this Christmas one to be remembered for the right reasons. Our loved ones are with us and we all know that we are loved, what more can anybody ask for! Even if it's only for a few hours, let's all out PSP out in the cold (heat, if you are Southern Hemisphere) and enjoy this festive day.

Merry Christmas!



May your Christmas be bright and filled with family and happiness.



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